Jeanne Robertson Live From The Back Porch.
Join Jeanne Robertson and friends from her back porch as she tells stories and answers questions from fans. To buy tickets for her live stream event go to (DON'T WAIT). To get on the list for her new audio book (cds) go to

  • Christine Miller
    Christine Miller

    Hi Jeanne, I have been watching on Saturdays, but I missed this episode. Back in December, my teaching assignment changed from teaching in-person half a day and teaching virtually a half day to teaching all day in-person and teaching virtually outside the school day. It is still really hectic, but I am learning more about balancing things. All that said, I am catching up on the Back Porch shows. I love the story about the Left Brain hat and how your profit margins work out at the theater shows. It is a classic left-brain analysis! I know because I am married to my own Left Brain. Hanging pictures with a Left Brain is an experience, and you nailed it!! (That turned out to be a good pun!)

  • Anna Lee Smith
    Anna Lee Smith

    I really like and enjoyed Patrick's song about the prayer chain. Anna Lee Smith Highland AR .

  • Christine H
    Christine H

    Recently found this show. Thank you for all you do!

  • Kathy Friday
    Kathy Friday

    Greetings from Missouri. Love, love you girls. Makes my day

  • Nunofurdambiznez

    LOVE Norma Rose's sense of humor!

  • Andrea Bottiglieri
    Andrea Bottiglieri

    Jeanne and Norma Rose need a show! I smiled so much watching them. Norma Rose is too cute! Loved your creations on the show!

  • heosome heosome
    heosome heosome

    Mrs. Robertson, you bring my heart so much joy everytime I watch your videos. God bless you for your videos. They make my life and many others better!

  • Ruby Sanders
    Ruby Sanders

    At first I thought you had a white cat sitting beside you!

  • Gwen S
    Gwen S

    RE GEN. McIenery appeals to the nation;

  • Tanya Favazza
    Tanya Favazza

    Norma Rose is just a naturally talented person, she has vision & heart 😍🤩

  • Tanya Favazza
    Tanya Favazza

    Even though I’m late to the show 😏 I NEVER MISS YOU ! Thanks Ms Jeanne for keeping me SANE ! Love & Blessings

  • Patti Higgens
    Patti Higgens

    Norma Rose - you are FABULOUS with your decorating abilities - just in case you didn't know (which you probably do already) the Oasis you need for LIVE flowers/plants etc, - but if you are doing ARTIFICIAL, you can use styrofoam (which is MUCH less expensive than oasis - Dollar Tree has several pieces of the styrofoam for one pack, so it would help you out with the cost.) KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK Norma Rose !!!

  • Rob Moore
    Rob Moore

    Jeanne I am so glad I found your channel. Try and get booked in Minnesota. I would love to see you in person.

  • Sybil Hudson
    Sybil Hudson

    The sifter Norma Rose mentioned was sent by my mom Carol McAdams and use to belong to her husband and longtime fan George McAdams. It was given in the hope to be used in the kitchen since you did not have one.

    • Desmond kamil
      Desmond kamil


  • Brett Manuel
    Brett Manuel

    Get those gals some lapel mics!!! Love u guys :-)

  • Debra Marino
    Debra Marino

    Merry Christmas

  • Angela Muircroft
    Angela Muircroft

    Norma Rose 🌹 ♥ ❤ is looking good. Great to see her creations. Can we please see more of her. Everybody loves brownies. Also could we see her teaching you to make a Christmas decorations. So much love to you all from Law Village ❤ 💓 💕 💖 💗.

  • Karen Frizzo
    Karen Frizzo

    Hi Jeannie from Australia

  • 28 Barbary Lane
    28 Barbary Lane

    Another great show! It was great to see Patrick's mom and brother. Greg McKinney, Tx

  • Winnie Langelaar
    Winnie Langelaar

    Another great show, especially if you don’t do a rehearsal! Thank you from Tokyo, Japan!

    • Desmond kamil
      Desmond kamil


  • Cindy Bleau
    Cindy Bleau

    Cindy Bleau hey you all from Enfield CT. Loved seeing you and Norma Rose together. You all are too funny. Decorations look beautiful, Norma Rose did an awesome job decorating.

  • ShortOrderCook1

    Sorry I missed this weeks LIVE - Jeanne, you look so festive, and the Porch is decorated so nicely! Norma Rose you are so talented! Brilliant song (Shoulder of Giants) Patrick - love the words. Toni your so wonderful - everyone needs a person like you in their life! Great show everyone!

  • Bret Cowell
    Bret Cowell

    Will we be able to download the book?

  • Hilda Masi
    Hilda Masi

    Love watching you.💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Donna Downs
    Donna Downs

    I love seeing y’all every week. Norma Rose is my favorite guest, and I’m always disappointed when she’s not on the show. Here’s my question: Jeanne how’d you end up at Auburn University having grown up in NC? THANKS - Donna (Auburn class of 1991) War Eagle!!!!

    • Desmond kamil
      Desmond kamil


  • Mary Jane Doseck
    Mary Jane Doseck

    At first I thought you had a white cat sitting beside you!

  • Marcella Godbold
    Marcella Godbold

    I love watching your shows which I could win a DVD o f Jeanne Robertson she the best I like to watch

  • Kathy Larock
    Kathy Larock

    Norma Rose, you HAVE a are the favorite guest that we love to see on these past 36 weeks. You bring cohesiveness, and love to the show. You are a class A act, Norma!

    • Nunofurdambiznez

      100% agree!! she's the Ed McMahon to Jeanne's Johnny Carson!

  • Judith Rucker
    Judith Rucker

    Judy Rucker from Kansas City--love you, Jeanne!!

  • Catherine Prentice
    Catherine Prentice

    Jeanne, I hope your concert on Dec 3 so far exceeds your expectations. Right now it is the way to do things and I will continue to buy an online ticket, a book and the CD’s....Been to a few of your concerts in Houston and the Grand in Galveston. Thank you for being a bright spot in an otherwise wretched year!!

  • Jeanm. Hollifield
    Jeanm. Hollifield

    Jeanne, I'm a Jeanie too, love your shows., Jeanie Hollifield, , Spring Hope, NC.

  • Mary Lott
    Mary Lott

    Always enjoy your Saturday show. You and Norma Rose together are a perfect Duo! Thanks for the entertainment. Love that song Patrick. Hello to LB.

  • Kathy Collier
    Kathy Collier

    War eagle!

  • C B
    C B

    I ♥️ Jeanne from 🇬🇧

  • Barbara Ruiz
    Barbara Ruiz

    Everything looks so pretty festive and I enjoy your channel have a great time 🎄! Love all the red ,Roll Tide 🏈🤗

    • Sandy Graetz
      Sandy Graetz

      I love the red....but No to Roll Tide!!!!

  • Tim 57
    Tim 57

    Always enjoyable🙂

  • Salima Masud
    Salima Masud


    • Desmond kamil
      Desmond kamil


  • D Fuss
    D Fuss

    Love to hear you ladies chat.

  • Donna Cintron
    Donna Cintron

    Love you Jeanne ... You are so funny ... I have a true story that you could use. Would live to email it to you . it's funny

    • Desmond kamil
      Desmond kamil


  • Marilyn Bunte
    Marilyn Bunte

    Another wonderful Saturday with you all!

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