Jeanne Robertson: Live From The Back Porch
Join Jeanne Robertson on the back porch with special guest Kay Frances. Order Jeanne's book/audiobook or dvds at

  • gmomkim

    I have watched and shared so many of your stand up comedies... Any time I'm feeling a bit sad I pull up one of your stand-ups and next thing I know I'm smiling and laughing all over again!

  • P McCallen
    P McCallen

    Now u have 108 mil... far stretch from don’t hire a hit man! 😁 so so happy for u you’ve touched my heart so!!!

  • Marna van Wyk
    Marna van Wyk

    Hi, Jeanne. I'm from Namibia in the Southern part of Africa. I LOVE your shows!!!!

  • Lisa Bennett
    Lisa Bennett

    Happy Anniversary to us! ❤️❤️

  • mark rowe
    mark rowe

    Iiveinanursing home and when I can get on line here in eveland ohio you bring me so much fright and peasur to me I enjoy you so much I would love to see you live someday thank you for being you and the joy you bring to me and others gpood health to you and yours markrowe

    • mark rowe
      mark rowe

      ;. 1

  • Ashley Dobbs
    Ashley Dobbs

    I enjoy your videos. Thank you for what you do.

  • Sheila Fredette
    Sheila Fredette

    Hello from Burlington Carousel Quilt Guild in North Carolina. Let us know if you need a quilt and we will applique it for you too. We are on Facebook. Love you guys.

  • charlotte mclaughlin
    charlotte mclaughlin

    Hi Jeanie.... just wanted to let you know that here in Northern Ireland, we love you. Thank you for making us laugh x😋

  • Jenny Vetor
    Jenny Vetor

    I have watched all 52 back porch episodes!! Thank you Jeanne providing us with some sense of normal! Jenny, Muncie, IN

  • Elaine Winslow
    Elaine Winslow

    I love watching your live shows. Thank you for doing this.

  • Helen Helmke
    Helen Helmke

    I am so happy you have so many hits. I want the rest of the world to know how wonderful and special you are. You bring so much joy to do many people. God bless you in all you do💜

  • Arlys Veen
    Arlys Veen

    Is there a way to see some earlier shows from the back porch? From SoCal!

  • Frank Cantillo
    Frank Cantillo

    Your doing great guys....

  • S Peek
    S Peek

    I have listened to you for years and love you! War Eagle!

  • Mary Lott
    Mary Lott

    Congrats on your hits! I just want to thank you for keeping us entertained this past difficult year. Your humor and dedication is admired by many. Love you and the rest of the gang. Hello to Left Brain. 😄

  • DAN Hansen
    DAN Hansen

    Great show Jeanne with Kay France's - Sandra Hansen Melbourne Australia

  • zachary romeo
    zachary romeo

    These lives have become part of my Saturday You Tube viewing routine !

  • Phil Harwell
    Phil Harwell

    Maybe Charles Barkley is in Rhode Island, and you could kill two birds with one stone...

  • Buddy Haggard
    Buddy Haggard

    I have seen all 52 shows. Loved everyone of them and such interesting guest.

  • kathy mason
    kathy mason

    Hey Jeannie from your favorite Lurker in the greater Southern California. You sure do brighten things out here for us!!

  • Sandy Graetz
    Sandy Graetz

    Congratulations Jeanne on your 1 year anniversary! You guys are fabulous!

  • Geri Gedmin
    Geri Gedmin

    I really enjoy spending Saturdays with you all.

  • Shelagh Ward
    Shelagh Ward

    You've just gone from strength to strength from the beginning of Covid and have loved everything.... The good the bad and the Ugly.... Ha ha!!! 😂

  • Jill Lowman
    Jill Lowman

    My daughter had a mama racoon and her babies in her wall in her apartment.

  • jhamp244

    Y’all need to watch the marvelous mrs maisel on Amazon prime.

  • Penny Forrester
    Penny Forrester

    Many thanks for the past year and CONGRATULATIONS for 108 million hits!

  • Penny Forrester
    Penny Forrester

    Three of those hits last night were mine!

  • Jill Huddle
    Jill Huddle

    Love you Jeanne , your the best

  • A Warnke
    A Warnke

    This was Fantastic today!

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