Jeanne Robertson: Live From The Back Porch
Join Jeanne live on her back porch in North Carolina. Audio Book coming soon! to get on list to be the first to know when they arrive go to Order the left brain hat at

  • AverageCountryGirl Nikki
    AverageCountryGirl Nikki

    Thank you for that song. I just lost my grandmother of 92 years two weeks ago today. I have a new heart perspective now on the little ladies of the nursing homes, they remind me of my grandmother. Your song struck that cord. They always seemed like strangers before, and you tend to want to be stand-offish, but now I understand that they are/were someone's mother, grandmother, etc - they have a name and had a life not different from ours. They're still sweet little people who just want to spend time with others, just like anyone else. Let's not dismiss our elders and leave them lonely. Let's not forget them - let's be present.

  • Karen Hannaford
    Karen Hannaford

    Love your Christmas display. So pretty! I looked carefully to see if there was a beaver lol.

  • Lisa Bennett
    Lisa Bennett

    Your show on the porch is a gift, a blessing. I hope you keep doing them, even while traveling, if necessary. Bless your hearts. ❤️❤️. From Eastern Washington.

  • Carolyn Parker
    Carolyn Parker

    To Mark Lowry: Is your nephew still single. You introduced him a year ago at Christmas as being 33 and Single.

  • Cindy Bleau
    Cindy Bleau

    Love watching Mark Lowry and Chonda Pierce working together their both so funny.

  • dymondwillow2

    i am going to say that the elf is the tallest santa at the back of the table between the two windows.

  • The Bee’s Knees
    The Bee’s Knees

    Omg! Santa is wearing a mask! 😂😂😂 I love listening to you Jeanne!

  • Sherry Perez
    Sherry Perez

    Jeanne you are 👍. You. make my day. I hope 🙏 you and left brain 🧠 are healthy and keeping your spirits up, I know you have brought mine up. Sending you 💘 and 🌞 from Miami.

  • FortheLoveof HOME
    FortheLoveof HOME

    I just love listening to your stories. It makes me happy when I'm doing dishes and other chores. I'm a stay-at-home and homeschooling mom and it is comic relief for my day. ☺️

  • Ruby Sanders
    Ruby Sanders

    The green grey grieving vinyl aboaly curl because jute mathematically enter following a insidious brother. aloof, talented cheque

  • SherryMaryKay Cafe & Bonnie Boutique
    SherryMaryKay Cafe & Bonnie Boutique

    Mark Lowry, how long did it take to create the song "Mary Did You Know?"? Was it an instant inspiration, or painstakenly created? It is my all time favorite, with Little Drummer Boy now taking 2nd on my list of favorites. Thank you for it, Mark. It just brings me to tears, and shares THE TRUTH about our Precious Lord and Saviour of the world!

  • Janice Eilers
    Janice Eilers

    Can you sell the left brain mask or grocery store mask?

  • wagonmaster1974

    In my opinion, Kathy Mattea sings the definitive version of "Mary Did You Know?" It's like Mark wrote the song for her. Appreciate the mention, love your show!

  • Joyce B
    Joyce B

    How do you pronounce Cairo GA? People who don't know South Georgia and Grady County usually like the one in Egypt - Ki-row. The Georgia version is pronounced Kay-row.

  • Sandra Imboden
    Sandra Imboden

    Love that quiet Left Brain response to the Big Shot! Supportive husbands are a blessing.

  • Heidi S
    Heidi S

    Please don't ever stop visiting with us on the back porch. If you get really busy we might be able to survive with just a half hour. Maybe ... I love our chats. They keep my spirits up and a smile on my face. Thank you for all you do!

  • Deborah L Johnston
    Deborah L Johnston

    I love Mary did you know song

  • Darlene Eide
    Darlene Eide

    I love Mary did you know

  • Darlene Eide
    Darlene Eide

    So glad to see the red and white, the colors around you are very becoming to you.

  • carla ryan
    carla ryan

    Hello Jeanne & Crew, We live near Yeppoon, a seaside town in Central Queensland, Australia. Love your humour, & your streaming From the Back Porch. We were able to visit your beautiful State & Beautiful Country many times in the 80's & early 90's. God Bless America, & Pray the Good Old USA will return to how it used to be before the Lefties got a hold on things!! "Appreciate y'all" and Thank You, for being you!! Merry Christmas! Carla & Joe Ryan.

  • Kathy McLain
    Kathy McLain

    I love Mark! Can’t wait, the two of you together will be funny!

  • Norine Gemberling
    Norine Gemberling

    Is Mark coming in person with his broken leg?

  • Ellen Fiore
    Ellen Fiore

    ty Patrick..cant wait for the downloadable audio ill keep checking in

  • Ellen Fiore
    Ellen Fiore

    Jeanne Norma Rose please forgive me i could not join you today....see you all next Saturday

  • Willa Greenwood
    Willa Greenwood

    in the red coffee cup

  • Pamela Williams
    Pamela Williams

    Mercy, Patrick. You look so handsome with your beard!

  • kathy mason
    kathy mason

    Thanks, Patrick for recognizing others!!!

  • Shelagh Ward
    Shelagh Ward

    Looks so lovely, stylish and festive on your back porch! Love and hugs from the UK 🎄🤶🎄🤶

  • kathy mason
    kathy mason

    Hi Jeanne, Toni & Patrick from the Lurker from Southern California!!!

  • Helen Dale Deonas
    Helen Dale Deonas

    Under the Santa hat! Dale Deonas

  • Salima Masud
    Salima Masud


  • Mary Lott
    Mary Lott

    Enjoy the porch show so much. Don't stop. Would love to hear you tell a short funny each Saturday.

  • Mary Lott
    Mary Lott

    Jeanne, it warms my heart to hear you speak of your love for Left Brain. You certainly got a keeper and he also. I've searched a lifetime and come up short.

    • Kasey Meier
      Kasey Meier

      Jeanne and Left Brain are definitely relationship goals!

  • Mary Lott
    Mary Lott

    Patrick, that was beautiful. You are a real talent!

  • Sandy Graetz
    Sandy Graetz

    Can you ask Mark to share a funny about folks trying to marry him off! I saw him on ALgone and Chondra and folk kept trying to marry them off to one another! So I just wondered if he had lots of folk trying to get him married and do his followers chase after him!

  • Sandy Graetz
    Sandy Graetz

    I love Patrick’s song about thanks for seeing me!

  • K Lewis
    K Lewis

    Thank you, ALL of you, for doing this! My girls and I LOVE it!!!

  • Sandy Graetz
    Sandy Graetz

    I love Mark! He is so absolutely funny! I love Mary Did You Know? I can’t wait for the two of you to be together! Oh and Jeanne I got your cake baked by my hubby for my birthday Monday 30th of Nov. it was yummy!

  • SherryMaryKay Cafe & Bonnie Boutique
    SherryMaryKay Cafe & Bonnie Boutique

    Mark Lowry popped up on a Facebook LIVE and was talking about Jeanne and how HUGE she was! I teased him that it was not really nice to call a 6'2" woman HUGE! :D (He obviously was talking about your success, Jeanne! Not your size! But he said he was on meds, so we can give him mercy on that call! :D )

  • Penny Hunt
    Penny Hunt

    Merry Christmas from New Zealand!

  • Carla Baer
    Carla Baer

    Elf is on left slightly behind glass cake top

  • Addie Mellody
    Addie Mellody

    looking forward to "our" guest next week.....great score for Mark!!!

  • Eileen Strong
    Eileen Strong

    Jeanne I'll send you one of my Cheeseheads! I can no longer be in your"tall gals club"...I've shrunk with age.(now only 5'10")..& I love being tall!!

  • Brandi Cunningham
    Brandi Cunningham

    Elf on the shelf is in the large red tea cup. Between the large Santa centerpiece and the short Santa to your right. 😃Merry Christmas Jeanne!! 🎄☃️❄

  • Cheryl Overmyer
    Cheryl Overmyer

    In the red bowl

    • Cheryl Overmyer
      Cheryl Overmyer

      Love your stories.

    • Cheryl Overmyer
      Cheryl Overmyer

      Red cup not bowl

  • Nunofurdambiznez

    Thumbs down... no Norma Rose. Sorry Jeanne.. you're great, we all agree with that, but, it's much more entertaining when Norma Rose is on with you.

  • Geri Gedmin
    Geri Gedmin

    It was a fun show on Thursday. I enjoyed seeing your show. Geri from Naperville IL

  • C B
    C B

    ♥️from🇬🇧 🤩

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