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  • Julie Vander Leest
    Julie Vander Leest

    I’m a big fan of UCLA and I have family and friends that are die hard USC fans. We don’t talk about it! I don’t think that I could imagine getting in the car with a rival either.😂😂😂

  • Rooster2628

    War Eagle!

  • Bruce Flying Solo
    Bruce Flying Solo

    This woman has got to be one of the most talented and entertaining story tellers I have ever heard.

  • Jill Huddle
    Jill Huddle

    Roll Tide Roll...❤ but id hug ya...your my favorite Auburn fan

  • Diana Walls
    Diana Walls

    Jeanne you are a gem of the highest quality, listening to you is the best tonic, you not only elevate my mood, you bring my blood pressure down better than medication. I recommend you to everyone. 😍

  • Mark A. Martin
    Mark A. Martin

    I grew up with a mother who was Auburn fan, a brother who went to Auburn for a couple of semesters, and a sister, who was an Alabama fan, She had married and moved to Tuscaloosa. My brother was also married but lived locally, my dad had died, so it was just Mama and me. We call homes like the one I grew up in a "Divided Household." I am glad that this gentleman saw the great chance he had and took you to Memphis. But, please do not make a habit of this It is risky.

  • Cheryl Smith
    Cheryl Smith

    I must love this woman,🇨🇦👍😊🥰

  • Christine H
    Christine H

    I love listening to you! You make me belly laugh until it hurts. In these times laughter is in short supply. Thank you Jeanne Robertson!

  • Harry L
    Harry L

    “PIG - SOOIE!” Welcome to Arkansas!

  • Bob Amburn
    Bob Amburn

    War Eagle, Ms. Jeanne. You're speaking the truth. And this is from a UT fan in Alabama. GBO.

  • Gladys Penny
    Gladys Penny

    At least she knew she was safe with an Alabama Fan

  • Mark Watson
    Mark Watson

    We aren't really bad people. We are just die hard BAMA fans.

  • Maureen Foster
    Maureen Foster

    Very funny! Reminds me of the movie Planes Trains and Automobiles!

  • Diane Powers
    Diane Powers

    I only hug Badger fans

  • Milli Sample
    Milli Sample

    I love this! Roll Tide Roll!

  • Diane Fiske-Foy
    Diane Fiske-Foy

    I’m an Alabama fan - ROLL TIDE 🏈🐘🌊🥰‼️ But I’ll say it, because I like Jeanne Robertson and I like eagles too - WAR EAGLE 🏈🦅‼️

  • R Cole
    R Cole

    Thank you for keeping us laughing! God bless you, Jeanne!

  • D Rice
    D Rice

    I am a Bama fan. I did however vote for Tommy Tuberville for senate

  • Marjorie Bell
    Marjorie Bell


  • Wanda K
    Wanda K


  • Vern M
    Vern M

    no one is wearing a Mask, is this a new video of Nov 2020? or is this from the past , re aired on UTube? if this is new it is Sad to see there are still stupid people not wearing a mask , let a lone going to a place like this with all those other morons not wearing a mask! very strange that there setting right next to each other, no distancing?

  • Theresa Courter
    Theresa Courter

    Jeanne thank you for all the laughs after this year we all need them

  • Sherry Aitcheson
    Sherry Aitcheson

    Roll Tide Roll

  • M a Believer
    M a Believer

    This is so precious. Im in the wrong part of the country to care much about Alabama or Auburn. But I would drive you anywhere, Miss Jeanne. Heaven bless you, sweetheart.

  • Ginger Martin
    Ginger Martin

    Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.

  • JonSnowRadio

    Great story! I married a Dawg, so I know alllll about War Eagle. And I have Roll Tide relatives. I'm a Hokie and my first encounter with Bama was a preseason game in Atlanta in 2009 where we were WINNING for 3 quarters. If only games were 3 quarters long. But we didn't prevail and had to share a MARTA ride that felt like a red tide. And those folks were SO NICE. Said how impressed they were and looked forward to a rematch again one day. FSU fans were the same way at the National Championship in 2000. Alas the shades of football past glories, but I do remember the hospitality of those two team's fans even as I ring the chapel bell in Athens from time to time. #uga #vt #housedivided

  • Ellen Fiore
    Ellen Fiore


  • Ellen Fiore
    Ellen Fiore

    Jeanne youre the very best love joining you Saturday on your back porch see ya then

  • Kat Kinman
    Kat Kinman


  • Becky Winkler
    Becky Winkler

    Jeanne, we just beat Tennessee. #WDE

  • Becky Winkler
    Becky Winkler

    This is the first time I have seen this one. War Eagle!!

    • Arlys Veen
      Arlys Veen

      Just put up this morning!

  • shavaughn1980

    Roll Tide! 🐘🏈🤣

  • Caron Wood
    Caron Wood

    You are my sunshine.

  • Lady Alaina
    Lady Alaina

    We are kinda GATORS against everyone, especially FL State.

    • Jennie

      I agree! Gator-born and reared but BAMA-converted fan...RTR!

  • WhyDoIHaveToBePartOfGoogle+JustToWatchYouTubeNow??

    Rivalry or not, when you are Southern born and bred, you have each other's back. ♥

    • WhyDoIHaveToBePartOfGoogle+JustToWatchYouTubeNow??

      @highflyerp3 Thank you! The new users don't get it and don't know what Google+ is. Lol!

    • highflyerp3

      Love your screen name :)

    • Brandon S
      Brandon S

      hopefully not literally haha

  • michelle gatlin
    michelle gatlin


  • Macgyer Brown
    Macgyer Brown

    This woman is such a blessing, and I'd even hug her although I saw something with Duke on it in her house as I am a Carolina fan! Thank You from Whiteville North Carolina!

    • Amie Tedeschi
      Amie Tedeschi

      Yes, her husband played basketball at Duke. I was just thinking as she told the story that it would fit the Duke-Carolina rivalry just as well.

  • Marie Antoinette Gates
    Marie Antoinette Gates

    God Love you!❤

  • Connie Durant
    Connie Durant

    I would hug and Alabama fan! My son is one. :)

  • Timothy Carter
    Timothy Carter

    Who gave this a thumbs down? An Alabama fan, I suppose ...

    • Heather Stone
      Heather Stone

      Nope! Us Bama fans are laughing too 😂

    • Amy Newson
      Amy Newson

      Timothy Carter - Or somebody who doesn’t understand SEC rivalries. :)

  • Lee RT
    Lee RT

    Mrs. Jeanne, you’re the best ! I’m an Alabama fan and I would consider it a privilege to give you a ride to wherever you needed and yes, when the ride was over, I’d give you a hug and say thanks for the laughter ! Stay safe.

  • Salima Masud
    Salima Masud


  • Sandie Smith
    Sandie Smith

    Nope! You did what I would have done!!! Love you!!!!

  • vanessa Boman
    vanessa Boman

    Hilarious! Love it!

  • Tanya Favazza
    Tanya Favazza

    The SUNSHINE I needed today, Thank you Ms Jeanne 🤣😍

  • Elizabeth M
    Elizabeth M

    She is SIMPLY the BEST!!

  • Tonya Thomas
    Tonya Thomas

    As someone from Alabama and I live close to Huntsville. Some of the nicest folks you'll ever meet are from our area. But my husband would've probably said the same thing about getting in a car with someone you didn't even know... LoL 😂

    • Amy Newson
      Amy Newson

      Tonya Thomas: Hey neighbor!

  • Jane Flanakin
    Jane Flanakin

    Jeanne, you always make me laugh. Thanks for starting my day with laughter. And, just so you know, I'd get in a car with a strange man too, if I was desperate. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Pumpkin Momma
    Pumpkin Momma

    I love you but im from an alabama family and all i can say is ROLL TIDE

  • Michaele Berry
    Michaele Berry


  • Gene Black
    Gene Black

    Being from Alabama (the State) I know this rivalry so well. I don't care - just not a fan. But, I laughed so hard at this. Toni's line - the punchline was perfect. (Honestly I am more of an Auburn fan - but only because I like the colors together.)

  • Kimdu Stewart
    Kimdu Stewart

    Thanks Jeanne, War Eagle!

  • James R McGalliard
    James R McGalliard

    Hilarious! I'm a student at the University of Alabama and lifelong Bama fan, and this is a pretty accurate representation of how we feel about each other 😂

  • Melissa Winter
    Melissa Winter

    Going to have to agree with Left Brain on this one.

    • Lisamarie

      I certainly agree :)

  • Teri Anne Beauchamp
    Teri Anne Beauchamp

    I don't get sports rivalries. Who cares what college you attended after you graduated? Yes, I am an American.

    • Kimdu Stewart
      Kimdu Stewart

      Once you attend and earn a degree from Auburn, you are family. You never graduate from family. It's pretty weird and hard to explain, but also amazing. However, I will hug a Bama Fan if the moment calls for it. LOL.

    • Iflie

      I think they just do that for fun but in sports it can lead to some really bad "fans" . The police always has to be around if some teams play eachother here in the Netherlands, they will tear up the place if they win or lose, it barely has a thing to do with the teams, they don't like it either.

  • - Amos C. Presley -
    - Amos C. Presley -

    *Why come you're so Silly Willy? Anyways. thanks for all of Ya' laughter all because, that were much wanted or sort are say most needed._*

  • Valorie Smith
    Valorie Smith

    Thank you for the morning chuckles.

  • Kasey Meier
    Kasey Meier

    Needed the laughs before work. Thank you!

  • Jomama 02
    Jomama 02

    Thank you, I needed to start my morning with a chuckle!

  • Precious

    Loved it, had me LOL, idk how I missed seeing this one, certainly a good way to start my morning. Jeanne, you're the best!

    • JoAnna MacDonald
      JoAnna MacDonald

      Precious She just posted it this morning... 😁

  • Jacqueline Christensen
    Jacqueline Christensen

    Of course I would kiss an Alabama boy. Since I went to Bama, I did kiss a few...😁

  • Roby Love
    Roby Love

    I love you! You always brighten my day.

  • colbyjack


    • Eliz A
      Eliz A

      ..........ROLL TIDE!!!!!

  • Elizabeth Young
    Elizabeth Young

    Normally yes, but not during these times. I can't even hug my grown, independent daughters.

    • Marie Antoinette Gates
      Marie Antoinette Gates

      I hug all of my children and grandchildren! God says that you must have no fear of mans plights. You must have FAITH in Him!

  • Shell - West Australia
    Shell - West Australia

    Hey Jeanne and Toni 😀

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