Jeanne Robertson: Live from the Back Porch
Join Jeanne on her back porch with special guest, SiriusXM Radio comedian, Karen Mills. subscribe to her youtube channel at
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  • Daniel Kelly
    Daniel Kelly

    This was one of the Best Backporch Shows !!

  • Carol Newlun
    Carol Newlun

    Thank you Jeanne. I loved the show, and your guest too. Lovely ladies indeed. Keep these shows coming. So delightful. BLESSINGS ❤

  • grannyd53

    I'm from Kannapolis NC I love watching your shows

    • Jeanne Robertson
      Jeanne Robertson

      Thanks for being a fan!! I just wanna appreciate you in particular for being a fan and you should keep supporting me it brings me so much joy that I'm able to put smiles on your faces and hearts.

  • Gayna Salinas
    Gayna Salinas

    Hi from Utah. So glad we saw you last year in Salt Lake City.

    • Jeanne Robertson
      Jeanne Robertson

      Thanks for being a fan!! I just wanna appreciate you in particular for being a fan and you should keep supporting me it brings me so much joy that I'm able to put smiles on your faces and hearts.❤️

  • pamela voyles
    pamela voyles

    I do like Knocked your Mamas wig off.

  • pamela voyles
    pamela voyles

    You look Great Darling. Thank you for entertaining me.

  • ellen brown
    ellen brown

    Jeanne, I am always at work when you are live, so I see you long after you have signed off. Someone else may have commented on this but you said you would like to have Leanne Morgan on your show. I live in Knoxville, TN. I first heard both you and Ms Morgan on News talk 98.7 ( on different days) . She lives in Knoxville. I am sure if you were to contact WOKI they could make the connection for you. I can't wait!

  • zachary romeo
    zachary romeo

    Women's College basketball is getting more popular nation wide every year !

  • Donna Coleman
    Donna Coleman

    Know and love Karen personally! She is a rock star and so ding dang funny!

  • Tanya Favazza
    Tanya Favazza

    Oh my gosh Love Karen Mills & here she is with my other favorite! Thank you Ms Jeanne 💞

  • Kathy McLain
    Kathy McLain

    Enjoyed this so much today!

  • Francis Swain
    Francis Swain


  • Sandy Graetz
    Sandy Graetz

    It just 10:30 am Sunday in Tasmania Australia and I just got home from church so I’ve missed the live. I’m glad you have this guest just love the basketball talk! I loved basketball but I was terrible! My mom was from Louisiana and she said that they just had a hoop on a tree on there farm and they played in the dirt and everybody played ... you didn’t need much in the way of equipment! Mom would say you didn’t have to have a lot of money to play and they were poor and 7 kids was a good number for them play against someone! Did you play in your neighbourhood when you were growing up or did you play with your family ! Was it “THE SPORT” when you were growing up? My mom used to say”knocked you in the head” too!

  • Tina Peek
    Tina Peek

    Oh no Jennie!!! You had to go THERE? You won't have Funnymaine Johnson on your show😢 He's a BAMA grad and he does a big IRON BOWL show.

  • Tina Peek
    Tina Peek

    You need to ask Jeremaine"Funnymaine" Johnson. Stand up comedian who does Alabama comedy football videos "how alabama fans watch......week football games". His routines are very clean and have GOD laced through them. You'd like him.

  • Linda Joplin
    Linda Joplin

    I simply love this woman.....keep talkin Jeanne, you're a hoot!! I live in Portland, Oregon.

  • mark tackett
    mark tackett

    I hope Jeanne is still doing these weekly shows well into her nineties. The world needs more of her and those like her. I also hope my girl Norma Rose is with her.

  • Jill Lowman
    Jill Lowman

    My dad always said he worried about my mom getting knocked in the head if she ever went out alone.

  • Jill Lowman
    Jill Lowman

    I have been told to contact Charles Barkley's foundation if you want to contact him.

  • Sentiments By Sue
    Sentiments By Sue

    I’m so envious of the young women who were able to play high school and college sports thanks to Title 9. I graduated high school in 1970 and grew up with 4 brothers. I love sports, and was able to play softball thanks to summer recreation leagues, but I would have loved playing volleyball and basketball!

  • Emily

    Hey, you just made me realize that I need my own theme song! Love your chairs, so pretty! Your a doll!

  • Becca Sue Flynn
    Becca Sue Flynn

    When my Dad went to his doctor, he had self diagnosed himself with his yearly pneumonia. He argued with the doctor that the shadow on the lung xray was just his yearly pneumonia. The day after Christmas and the doctor called him. Dad called me and as he was reciting the phone call, he said, "The doctor said Hah! I'm right and your wrong!" I said hold on, are you saying that you got a neener, neener, neener phone call from your Doctor? My Dad laughed outloud and still snickering said that yes he had. It ended up being call Large Cell Lung Cancer. We lost him January 22, 2010. 💖

    • Pam Wilkerson
      Pam Wilkerson


  • Mary Lawson
    Mary Lawson

    Mary Lawson always love your show. So glad to hear you are going to be doing some live shows again. I live in Cedar Park, Tx I have watched you and all your little clips and you make me laugh even I have seen it a dozen times. Love to you all. Mary

  • Janice Cook
    Janice Cook

    Phil pas

  • inelda fitte
    inelda fitte

    Is Karen married?

  • inelda fitte
    inelda fitte

    super show, thank you

  • Sherry Wentworth
    Sherry Wentworth

    Love listening to you.

  • Brenda Watkins
    Brenda Watkins


  • Dottie Pacheco
    Dottie Pacheco

    Hope you and your family 👪 are staying safe

  • Dottie Pacheco
    Dottie Pacheco

    What is beavers real name?

    • Dottie Pacheco
      Dottie Pacheco

      Thank you again

    • Dottie Pacheco
      Dottie Pacheco

      How can he be a 4th? When dads name is jerry?

    • Dottie Pacheco
      Dottie Pacheco

      @Daniel Kelly thank you

  • Salima Masud
    Salima Masud


  • Judith Dembowski
    Judith Dembowski

    Can I please get into the drawing bag?

  • Judith Dembowski
    Judith Dembowski

    Will you ever come to JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA?

  • gp johnson
    gp johnson

    Welcome Back Jeanne !

  • Amelia-Irene Lehl
    Amelia-Irene Lehl

    Sorry I missed you live...

  • Judith Dembowski
    Judith Dembowski

    Love you, Dear. ❤💕

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