Live From the Back Porch (actually interstate 85) with Jeanne Robertson

  • Yvonne Sweet
    Yvonne Sweet

    Jeanne, I just can't shut you up..ha..I enjoy you and your little staff and are so funny on stage .I'm sure it is difficult to express your funny antic's on Live stream...I so admire your desire to entertain folks, and I'm inspired to brush up on my abilities to make people laugh, and polish up my vocal chords, for a little singing also...I hope to meet you some day..I'm 74, will be 75 in excited to get back in the swing of things...Bonnie Sweet..Ash Flat, Arkansas..870-847-3962

  • Viajan

    Try and recreate that episode again! It was hilarious! Jeanne talking over Patrick and Toni. and all the awkward pauses and the car feedback, and Jeanne trying to keep it going. Loved it. Can you try a car trip up here to Canada. Montreal specifically. Salut mes amis. A la semaine prochaine. (Goodbye friends. Till next week!) ***** 5 star show! Janice

  • Richard Greene
    Richard Greene

    One of the BEST shows! Not a dull moment! Jeanne is a national hero representing our great state of NC! Also, she has an awesome staff!

  • Gotta Be Handmade
    Gotta Be Handmade

    you are something special #JeanneRobertson John 3:17

  • Pamela Larcom
    Pamela Larcom

    Thank you so much for your dedication and persistence to continue your show in all circumstances for your many fans.

  • Pamela Larcom
    Pamela Larcom

    OMGosh....that is a hilarious story about the generator. Love it.

  • K Lewis
    K Lewis

    Thank you so much! My daughter and I watch every week and this was one of our favorites! All of you inspire us so much! We LOVE all of you!💖💖💖

  • Mary Ann Berry
    Mary Ann Berry

    You are my role model......unbelievable, your dedication to entertaining us EVERY WEEK, come hell or high water! Told my sisters I am very proud of us, as we have zoomed every week since last March (live in California, Texas and Louisiana) - but the amount of dedication/work/joy you have shown us far exceeds our familial efforts. A very heartfelt thanks, Jeanne and crew! 🙏🏼❤️😊

  • Barb Gia
    Barb Gia

    Watching from Australia. Than you for mentoring live just how to keep smiling and keep going in the face of adversity. I love the travel directions and driving tips on how to get through Atlanta.

  • Christine H
    Christine H

    IBM Selectric II was my favorite too. Thank you for all the laughter!🥰🥰🥰👋

  • Susan Gembler
    Susan Gembler

    Thanks, Jeanne. I'd rather watch you in the car than most other things. Patrick and Toni did a wonderful job of juggling the pauses and bad connections. You guys all rock! Thanks for the thoughts for Texas. We are thawing out. 💖

  • Lisa Bennett
    Lisa Bennett

    This was a fun show anyway. You are all troopers. Keep on laughing ❤️❤️. From Washington State.

  • Heather B
    Heather B

    Just watched your “trip show” ( several hours after it aired) and it was so much fun.. Thank you.

  • Nathan J Hugo
    Nathan J Hugo

    she keeps cutting out on her show patrick henry

  • Donna Downs
    Donna Downs

    What a fun show! Thank you for showing us how to maintain composure during a difficult situation. What is the most difficult crowd you’ve ever encountered - Donna from Atlanta (Also Auburn alumni class of 1991)

  • Janet Ceniza
    Janet Ceniza

    Hello again from Everett, Wash. last week it was 26 degrees, today we are up to 45 - a great way to spend a little time ' with Jeanne.

  • Rob Moore
    Rob Moore

    Sorry I missed this live. You are so funny.

    • Rob Moore
      Rob Moore

      My mom had a Studebaker valiant. You had tobemiserable being so tall in that car.

    • Rob Moore
      Rob Moore

      God appreciated it Im sure.

  • Cam H
    Cam H

    😂😂 😂😂 love technology 😂😂😂

  • Gene Black
    Gene Black

    I know an office that uses an IBM Selectric electric typewriter. It is in a library and they say it is far easier to do the things they need to do with a good old typewriter.

  • Gene Black
    Gene Black

    Bob from Pakistan - I have had lots of conversations with that guy.

  • EMObeamer

    Funny to see Jeanne is a backseat driver.

  • Elizabeth M
    Elizabeth M

    Great show! Y’all are so professional to be there for all of us!

  • EMObeamer

    I didn't mind anything about this special episode. I especially like the on the fly conversation patrick pointed out was not show material.

  • s jones
    s jones

    Even with all the technical issues today, it was a FUN show!!😆😆😆

  • Sue Cooper
    Sue Cooper

    Your Face book page is down -- no posts in Australia!!

  • Sandy Graetz
    Sandy Graetz

    Jeanne I love you and your determination! Most others would have just said... nope this is too hard and not done the back porch show! Regardless ....of people not think your not having regular business hours was some how not workable to the retired hubby’ ladies and Patrick get the job done! You have that much derermination! Thanks for brighten up my Sunday!

  • Shelagh Ward
    Shelagh Ward


  • Shirley Niemiec
    Shirley Niemiec

    This show is funny

  • Shelagh Ward
    Shelagh Ward

    You are a real professional trooper Jeanne. Well done you!!!

  • Hilda Masi
    Hilda Masi


  • Tanya Favazza
    Tanya Favazza

    Glad to see everyone is safe 🙏💞

  • Cherie Chalk
    Cherie Chalk

    Wonderful show, even with freezes and cutting out. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this happen. And kudos to the intrepid driver. Cherie Chalk from (slowly thawing out) Texas.

  • Frank Cantillo
    Frank Cantillo

    Good job everyone...🍃🍃🍃🍂🍃🍂🍂🍂🍃

  • Frank Cantillo
    Frank Cantillo

    Lovethis So cute I got like Lucy and ethyl for a little bit but then Patrick Ricky Settled them down

  • Sentiments By Sue
    Sentiments By Sue

    This was a fun show! Love watching you while you were on the road!

  • Ginny S.
    Ginny S.

    Yes I believe he does, there is a beautiful flower that blooms for 1 day, but it stinks like rotting meat. Titan Arum, "corpse flower" from Indonesia. ☺😉 Will this be one of your stories Jeanne? 😁

  • Diana G
    Diana G

    Loved Patrick’s song!!

  • Ms. Bee
    Ms. Bee

    Bye bye🥰🥰🥰

  • Joyce B
    Joyce B

    In spite of all the glitches & freezes, it was still an entertaining show.

    • Kathryn Jones
      Kathryn Jones

      I have two typewriters, manual and electric. I love my typewriters. Don't give them up Toni. Patrick, I hope to hear the last of that song of yours sometime.

  • Melody Berry
    Melody Berry

    I love you JeannieYou are a beautifulwarm bright spirit to grace the end of this week . Melody in Fort Stockton Texas

  • Norbert E Bierschbach Jr
    Norbert E Bierschbach Jr

    thank you love yas

  • Jennifer Delay
    Jennifer Delay

    U still don't understand my father is from Alabama

  • Ms. Bee
    Ms. Bee

    We’re still here🥰🥰🥰. We love you all🥰🥰🥰

  • Ms. Bee
    Ms. Bee

    You will do more for the sales of Generators than any commercial will ever be able to do!!!

  • Ms. Bee
    Ms. Bee

    You all are so much fun!!!

  • B.J. Palmer
    B.J. Palmer

    It just keeps getting better!! Y'all work like ducks!! Calm on top of the water, paddling like crazy beneath!! You just do a magnificent job overcoming everything thrown at you, while showing patience and love with each other! We love you, Jeanne & Crew!!! Prayers for those recovering from the storm, all of those touched by covid, and Jeanne's sweetie- Left Brain (aka Jerry).

  • Phyllis Richards
    Phyllis Richards

    Hello from Conroe, Texas. The weather is beautiful today a high of 49°.

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