Live from the Back Porch in Sumter, SC
Join Jeanne Robertson live from the back porch in Sumter, SC from friend Melissa Evans' porch!!

  • Sandra Bacon
    Sandra Bacon

    I work night hours in Abilene ks at court house and I recently found you on you tube. I just love you. You remind me of my grandmother in law from Dahlonega Ga Viola Pigg . Southern bell as she came. I am from Northern Mn . The golden girls was her favorite. Oh did I hear about it. I miss her and we loved her so much. You are alot like her.

  • Deborah55

    Hello Mrs. Robertson, I’m so happy to see that you did your show in Sumter, SC, but sad that I didn’t know you were there sooner. My husband and I grew up and we were married in Sumter. He went to be with Jesus on August 31, 2020. We were married 40 years a couple days ago. Thank you for remind me that I can still laugh. I hope you come to Myrtle Beach, SC sometime soon! We really need some good ole wholesome entertainment here. Take care y’all. God bless you always. 💕🙏🏻✌🏼😂

  • CL Hight
    CL Hight

    Was watching one of my favorite Chinese dramas and thought of you. It's an adorable story of a left brain chasing and winning his girl. The sound effects are spot on. If you're interested:

  • Maria Johnson
    Maria Johnson

    My Ex-husband lives in Sumter. We grew up there. I hope he got to see your show in the Opera House. He's the one who told me about your ALgone videos and how funny you are. I hope you enjoyed your time in Sumter. I miss being home.

  • Sharon Dease
    Sharon Dease

    Hey a native Sumter gal myself.Are you familiar with any McLeod's or Browders? I love those old time you close to Rhemes Rd?

  • callynt

    Wait! You were in my neck of the woods :)

  • Elizabeth McLean
    Elizabeth McLean

    Always good to see you. I'm in Florence, South Carrooolina.

  • Sr. Trudy Helder
    Sr. Trudy Helder

    When you're daily working with high schoolers a good laugh is always welcome. Your stories save my life as often as I can relax with them! Thank you ! I often introduce you to my friends with my favorite DON'T SEND YOU HUSBAND TO THE GROCERY STORE. We Philadelphians just take our time with the beautiful southern accent. I was fortunate to work in Winston Salem for 8 years. The accent was my treat for memories. Trudy Helder, SSJ

  • Marthajoann Mallette
    Marthajoann Mallette

    Welcome to South Carolina. Bless you. I live in Manning. 21 miles away.

  • Happy Dog Painting
    Happy Dog Painting

    Jeannie I started listening to you probably 25 yrs ago in Ga on PBS and still adore u today I'm now in South Carolina ..... and 50 yrs old 😂

  • Happy Dog Painting
    Happy Dog Painting

    Do you know if you will be planning anymore shows in Myrtle Beach ?

  • 28 Barbary Lane
    28 Barbary Lane

    Great show JeannE!!! Loved everything about this. I didn't get to watch live but better late than never...right!?! LOL Greg from Texas

  • anna horton
    anna horton

    I'm here in Sumter. Welcome ❤️

  • Paula Marshall
    Paula Marshall

    My husband was born and raised in Sumter SC. Lawzamercy! Small world!

  • lindaof61

    Sumter is my hometown. Sorry I didn’t know you were in town I would have driven from the upstate !

  • Joyce B
    Joyce B

    I get those comments, too, & I'm 75 years old. Guess we are just sexy!!! LOL

  • Marilyn Osborne
    Marilyn Osborne

    Jeanne, I don't think you will ever run out of stories? Are you still posting recipes? What's your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

  • Bethany Fields
    Bethany Fields

    "Homegrown Love" needs to be on the RADIO, and SPOTIFY, with YOU SINGIN' it, sir! That was fabulous!♥️🎵👏🏼

  • Michaele Berry
    Michaele Berry


  • katya480

    Would have watched if your lips were synched.😥

  • Lynda Hardy
    Lynda Hardy

    Loved your live video and all the noise and yes the wind chimes. Love you.

  • Cathy Laycock
    Cathy Laycock

    Ooooh....I want that vintage glider! Bungee jumping story you did is not far up island from my city of Victoria British Columbia. Victoria is the Capital city of the province of British Columbia. Victoria is the southern most tip of Vancouver Island. Hope you can get back to our beautiful island to see us. If you didn’t get to actually sightsee much, I hope you get to go to our world famous Butchart Gardens. Take care, be safe, be well! 🇨🇦🇨🇦❤️❤️

  • Carol Jordan
    Carol Jordan

    I’m so glad y’all are doing these videos. Thanks

  • Tanya Favazza
    Tanya Favazza

    🙏💞 for Debbie Childers and family

  • Nathan J Hugo
    Nathan J Hugo

    You’re breaking up genie we can’t see you or hear your voice

  • Ronald Mason
    Ronald Mason

    That’s a great song, thanks so much.

  • Tammy Figel
    Tammy Figel

    That is Gorgeous furniture!

  • Jake Englet
    Jake Englet

    Makes me feel like I can make it thru another day (Wife of ....) ❤️

  • Elizabeth Collins
    Elizabeth Collins

    What a lovely song “ Home grown love” 🌹

  • Jillian garner
    Jillian garner

    Hi Jeanne , from Perth Western Australia

    • Vivi Jay
      Vivi Jay

      Me too.

  • Jo Bowton
    Jo Bowton

    Watching from Peoria,Il. At 7 p.m. what a great way to close out the day. Jeanne you are a joy and blessing.

  • Sandy Graetz
    Sandy Graetz

    In Australia a shag is a bird to all the older folk to the younger generation shag is not so pure! Am minister I worked with a minister that peached a sermon one Sunday and talked about someone being all alone like a shag on a rock. The giggling was all across the church the oldies couldn’t understand why a bird out in the ocean on a rock by themselves was funny but of course the younger generation couldn’t believe that the preacher was talking about a couple of folk having sex from the pulpit.😅

    • 28 Barbary Lane
      28 Barbary Lane

      Sandy Graetz ~ I grew up in Texas and I've never heard the word shag used in any way other than sexual. Therefore, finding out its a dance in Carolina and a bird in your part of the world is most interesting. Thanks for your comment my friend.

  • Sandy Graetz
    Sandy Graetz

    I love the red Glider. I love red so much and I think I would have worn the red anyway as my waist line isn’t as slim as I’d like....and disappearing sounds great! My friends would have thought wow she’s slimmed down!😅😂🤣 How was the trip to Sumpter! What was the thing you enjoyed about the trip the most?

  • C B
    C B


  • Connie Miller
    Connie Miller

    Oh dang, I would’ve watched this if it wasn’t for the video blurr, I couldn’t handle it

  • Susan Watson
    Susan Watson

    Welcome to SC! I am right down the road.

  • TL Mike
    TL Mike

    Okay it’s driving me crazy. What is whispered at the beginning?

  • Sandra Oaks
    Sandra Oaks

    This video isn’t clear but I’m enjoying the show any who. Enjoyed the singers song. I would pay to c him perform if he was singing n my city. To bad it didn’t work out w/ Croce loved listening to him, he died way too soon. Stay safe Jeanne. Hope left brain is doing better.

  • Claudia Walker
    Claudia Walker

    Welcome to South Carolina from over here in Summerville.

  • ba williams
    ba williams

    Thank you so much for doing the back porch on the road. Absolutely wonderful.

  • kaashuu 123
    kaashuu 123

    Love the new location with the front porch and glider. Reminds me of my childhool. :)

  • B.J. Palmer
    B.J. Palmer

    I'm watching this at 3pm in Virginia, and wishing I'd been walking down that street in Sumpter at noon!!! Jeanne, your show is keeping us going from week to week. You're a National Treasure!! We love you and your back/front porch "posse"! ❤🙏✌

  • Nunofurdambiznez


  • Connie Stevens
    Connie Stevens

    Are you near the ocean? To lazy to look at a map.

    • Paula Marshall
      Paula Marshall

      No. Sumter is in central SC near Columbia

  • jhamp244

    Now I know why I don’t have wind chimes, but just work with what you got.

  • Marie Ward
    Marie Ward

    Love this song. I just lost my love of 59 years. He died on the 26th of October. I live in Jeanne's hometown, in Graham, NC Marie Burke Ward

  • Jennifer

    Can you please be my honorary southern grandmother? I love listening to your voice and seeing your smile.

  • Salima Masud
    Salima Masud


  • Outlaw Annie
    Outlaw Annie

    Jeanne you need a Alabama mask. ;) ROLL TIDE ROLL !! ;)

  • Trish Engard
    Trish Engard

    Hey Jeanne, love the wind chimes!! Welcome to SC ❤️

  • Christina Green
    Christina Green

    Thanks again Jeanne for a wonderful start to my day. When I hear 🎶 Nothing could be finer... 🎶 I always think of I Love Lucy's Ethel Mertz singing that song. 😂