Live From (Jane Tucker's) Back Porch with Jeanne Robertson
Join Jeanne on Jane Tucker's Back Porch with stories and tales from Savannah.

  • Tanya Favazza
    Tanya Favazza

    Ohhhh love the HATS 👒 YES Hats need to make a comeback 🥰.

  • Jill Rutherford
    Jill Rutherford

    I'm 8 miles from Beaumont!

  • Daniel Kelly
    Daniel Kelly

    Jane Tucker-Radley's husband was a very accomplished man !!

  • Donna Wright
    Donna Wright

    I wish I had known you were in town! I live in historic downtown Savannah too. LOL

  • Abe's Front Porch Talk with Abe Sloan
    Abe's Front Porch Talk with Abe Sloan

    Jeanne Robertson is a talented woman. Her videos make me laugh. Any one who is having a bad day, look up her videos and you will fall off the couch laughing so hard.

  • Barbara Sterling
    Barbara Sterling

    Love this. Had a hard time hearing Jane’s voice. Also, camera and microphone mostly fixed on Jeanne. Enjoyed seeing her lovely home!

  • Dianne Tomlin
    Dianne Tomlin

    I dearly love Jeannie! I have played her videos for all my friends! You have an amazing lady that I would love to live next door to her! From your friend, in Crestview, FL. My oldest grandson is in the Army at Fort Bragg, N.C., he is even a fan of Jeannie’s! Pray for our troops! Hope to find you somewhere. Best wishes. Dianne Tomlin, Crestview, FL.

  • xop23

    LOL Jeanne please let Jane talk : ) She knows her house.

  • Judy Weir
    Judy Weir

    Hello, from Bedford, TX. Love you, you ROCK!!

  • marie grimes
    marie grimes

    Hello ms robertson greetings from ireland

  • Sandy Graetz
    Sandy Graetz

    I love Jane and her home and I loved this Back Porch Session! 😂🤣 And loved Patrick Texas song as that is home...where I was raised and edgeamacated!🤣😂

  • Janice McKittrick
    Janice McKittrick

    Two great leg cramp relievers: diet tonic water (it’s he quinine in it) and magnesium tablets !

  • meetpoorfor crowinsfo
    meetpoorfor crowinsfo

    I'd love to see Jeanne's beaver collection... especially the one that's big and soft! 😅

  • Rob Moore
    Rob Moore

    Jane that white hat is lovely

  • Joyce B
    Joyce B

    Jeanne, that's a fascinator, like the Royals wear.

  • Barbara Ruiz
    Barbara Ruiz

    Enjoyed listening music 🎶and all. The house tour was gorgeous 😍👍

  • Hilda Masi
    Hilda Masi

    Beautiful hat ladies

  • Hilda Masi
    Hilda Masi

    Great show💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    • Wampuss Cat
      Wampuss Cat

      Hey , Ladies. I was your tour guide for your food tour with Savannah Taste Experience, it was a pleasure meeting all of you! We had a ball!

  • Cathy Coe
    Cathy Coe

    I watched Back Porch live today and now I am watching again. Your Derby hats are awesome. They really add to your beautifulness.

  • Dorothy Adams
    Dorothy Adams

    I love Jane’s clock!

  • Linda Williams
    Linda Williams

    Patrick, you are SO patient with Jeanne. Thank you for all your help with these!

    • Desmond kamil
      Desmond kamil


  • Christine Miller
    Christine Miller

    What a delight to see Jane's gorgeous home! It is the perfect setting for those marvelous hats! Thanks for another fun Saturday visit.

  • Linda Williams
    Linda Williams

    LOVE the hats!

  • Marilyn Bunte
    Marilyn Bunte

    Jane I love your hat!

  • Alberta Wilcox
    Alberta Wilcox


  • Marilyn Bunte
    Marilyn Bunte

    Hi ladies . Great Saturday!

  • Jeanm. Hollifield
    Jeanm. Hollifield

    A spoonful of mustard will get rid of cramps.

    • Barbara Sterling
      Barbara Sterling

      And, stomach contents. ;)

  • Vicky Hajithemelis
    Vicky Hajithemelis


  • Jeanm. Hollifield
    Jeanm. Hollifield

    I love you Jeanne.. I'm Jeanie to

  • Dwight Hill
    Dwight Hill

    Been watching since Back Porch started, just love and look forward to this each week.

    • Judith Dembowski
      Judith Dembowski

      Me, too, watching still!!