Live From The Back Porch with Jeanne Robertson
Join Jeanne Robertson on her back porch with her special guest Jason Hewlett. ( If you are interested in ordering Jeanne's new audio book (7 cd set) go to

  • inelda fitte
    inelda fitte

    Jeanne, how did your mom come up with the spelling of your first name?

  • inelda fitte
    inelda fitte

    HI Jeanne!! I am a new subscriber. My husband and I love your Pashmina story and your trip to Arizona. Have you taken any trips lately?

  • Priscilla Schwarze
    Priscilla Schwarze

    How long have you lived in North Carolina?

  • Ismay Czarniecki
    Ismay Czarniecki

    Love the backporch

  • Christine H
    Christine H

    Thank you for all the healthy laughter. Happy New Year! You are the best comedian I have ever heard. Subscribed to Jason Hewlett's channel too.

  • susan Kuipers
    susan Kuipers

    Jeanne, I thank you and Left Brain for sharing your life stories. Say hi to your son Beaver. 🤗😀

  • Rob Moore
    Rob Moore

    Jeanne, do you ever get up to Minnesota. I would love to see you in person. Robbi Moore Minneapolis MN

  • Diane Coulter
    Diane Coulter

    Hello Ms.Jeanne I just wanted to say hello from Louisville Ky home of the Ky Derby .I wanted to tell you your progress got me 3 some tough times when I waz taking care of my mother which had ALS she passed away in Oct.of 2007. I Continue to watch and your talks through another hard time in my life my father had dementia in 2009. he passed away in 2017 If it wasn't for some of your talks in May spending hours on the front porch listening I don't know if I would have ever laughter not during these times that were hard for me.

  • Nina Gatlin
    Nina Gatlin

    Happy New Year! Thank you for your show. Your crew is doing a fantastic job!.

  • Brenda Cates
    Brenda Cates

    Hi Jeanne from Laporte Indiana

  • Cheryl Jobe
    Cheryl Jobe

    Here's my question: how many years have you and left brain, been married, and how did you meet? Happy New Year

  • marmusicborr

    I think you guys are soo funny... But I am not familiar with your message.What is your message thatyou keep refering to.

  • Joy

    I love your Louis Armstrong, Jason!

  • Kathy Hester
    Kathy Hester

    Happy New Year To Jeanne, Left Brain, Beaver (& Family), Toni, Norma Rose, Patrick, & everyone else. Thank you for all of the Saturdays, something to look forward to every week. PS-I hope that Left Brain is doing better. Hope 2021 is better for all of us.

  • Jason Hewlett
    Jason Hewlett

    Such a joy to have the chance to hang out on the back porch with the amazing Jeanne Robertson! Thank you for the good you put into the world! Jeanne is the Greatest.

  • Donna Vaughn
    Donna Vaughn

    Thanks you my friend 💕💕💕💕💕 happy New year everyone here 😁

  • grannyd53

    Have you ever been to Kannapolis, NC? Deb Johnston from Kannapolis

  • Beverly Reynolds
    Beverly Reynolds

    This is Bev from Mo. Really love listening to your video. I have a grandaughter that goes to Elon and I shared with her Are you still connected with Elon?

  • Angela Muircroft
    Angela Muircroft

    Hi all from Scotland hope you all had a great time at Christmas. I just love your humour. Xxx QUESTION - For everybody. Growing up what was your favourite memory of Christmas?

  • kay burton
    kay burton

    would you ever interview Leftbrain lol?

  • Crystal Powell
    Crystal Powell

    So glad to see JH on your show. I became aware of him via Dry Bar Comedy. Nice!!

  • M. C
    M. C

    I have a question... You said today that if Jason Hewitt put "religion" in his routine that it wouldn't be funny. Do you honestly think God created the world but but didn't create humor? And do you think that humor is only for the secular world? Not trying to be rude. Just genuinely interested.

  • Gotta Be Handmade
    Gotta Be Handmade

    It's always a great time for the BeeGees !

  • Penny Squires
    Penny Squires

    Thank you Jeanne for being you! I have only discovered you in the past few months. I have tryed to see all of your videos. I love your sense of humor! Question: Is everyone on your side of the family tall? Thank you Penny Squires from Mojave, California

  • Shelagh Ward
    Shelagh Ward

    Happy Christmas to you, Jerry and Family.... Keep well, safe and Happy!! Xx

  • Rena

    Happy Holidays from Michigan

  • Shirley Niemiec
    Shirley Niemiec

    How can just two people use the live chat.rather monopolize it

  • Betsy Johnson
    Betsy Johnson

    Thank you Toni, Patrick and Jeanne - for giving me something to look forward to on Saturday’s.. My question is -When the pandemic is over will you continue to do live from the back porch? Do you plan on doing a show in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania when your allowed to travel? Thank you, Betsy Johnson Philadelphia, PA

  • Donna Grant
    Donna Grant

    Love it.

  • Stephanie Lucas
    Stephanie Lucas

    Thank you Ms. Jeanne! Happy Holidays to you and yours tall Goddess of Comedy :)

  • Tammy Figel
    Tammy Figel

    Yes that is Great!

  • Tammy Figel
    Tammy Figel

    What a Great job!

  • Salima Masud
    Salima Masud


  • Sandra Davis
    Sandra Davis

    Glad you are starting over. Love listening to you.

  • Christine Shields
    Christine Shields

    Lovely Jeanne

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