Live From The Back Porch with Jeanne Robertson
Join Jeanne Robertson with special guests Neal Steele and crew from the Neal Steele show.
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  • ROB G
    ROB G

    Shalom from Florida 🕊🕊🕊

  • Vie Anderson
    Vie Anderson

    Jeanne Robertson when are you coming to Portland, Oregon?

  • Ronald Mason
    Ronald Mason

    Ive got 5 lbs of possumm in my crock pot tonight.

  • Gina Campbell
    Gina Campbell

    Happy Belated Birthday Toni 🎁

  • LuAnn Nagel
    LuAnn Nagel

    I sat with the Sermonator 2 rows in front of Neal. We could see great...don't let him give you such a hard time!

  • R. H.
    R. H.

    I am from Austria and discovered Jeanne's videos on ALgone two years ago. Since then, I've been looking at them all year after year, and I've been able to relax wonderfully. At first I had some problems with the dialect, but now I understand every word. Jeanne's humor is something very rare and precious in our time and I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart. My husband is also an LB and thanks to Jeanne I can now laugh about a lot of things that I experience with him. May Jeanne stay with us for a long time.

  • Sandy Graetz
    Sandy Graetz

    Happy Birthday Tonie! We appreciate you! You had to be older 😃😂😅 Jeanne needs a calm head to keep her in line!🤩

  • Carla Halane
    Carla Halane

    I always enjoy the show! Jeanne is A HECK OF A LOT OF FUN😃 but I have to wish Toni a Happy Belated Birthday. You look so young...what is your secret??

  • Patti Talmadge
    Patti Talmadge

    You are a rich woman...wealthy in good friends. Thank you for the laughter you bring to my soul.

  • Dalia Castello
    Dalia Castello

    Lol the voice but not the face

  • Mary Lott
    Mary Lott

    Enjoyed today's show very much. See you next week!

  • Cathy Coe
    Cathy Coe

    Love Will the Circle be Unbroken. Patrick and Ralph you make great music together. Good toe stompin. I love your beard Patrick.

  • Marie Turner
    Marie Turner

    Loved the show.

  • Kathryn Jones
    Kathryn Jones

    Happy Birthday Toni!!!

  • Christina Green
    Christina Green

    Ralph keeps playing the same song. Jeanne you are right. I was surprised that he wasn't singing the "There's a dead Possum in the middle of the road" song. For some reason I thought that was the song he was going to sing. 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Teena Brunk
    Teena Brunk

    Miss Jeanne you’ve started a Saturday tradition keep up the great work.

  • Penny Forrester
    Penny Forrester

    Terrific! Brings back great memories!

  • Judith Dembowski
    Judith Dembowski

    Happy Birthday🎂

    • Judith Dembowski
      Judith Dembowski

      🎂🎉🎁🎈 sorry, Toni, the Happy Birthday went off without the finish!🎂🎈🎉🎁🎈🎂🎉🎈

  • kathy mason
    kathy mason

    Happy Birthday, Toni from the Lurker from Southern California❣

  • Judith Dembowski
    Judith Dembowski

    I love watching you on stage or on the porch. Do you do shows in Jacksonville, Florida?

  • Vicky Howell
    Vicky Howell

    Hi Jeanne are you going to be in St. Charles MO again this year?

  • Carsena 99
    Carsena 99

    Happy birthday Toni

  • Nunofurdambiznez

    Thumbs down.. no Norma Rose this time..

  • Shirley Niemiec
    Shirley Niemiec

    Like that' down home music . I am from wv.. about the age of their mother's.

  • Lisa Bennett
    Lisa Bennett

    Yay! To continue The Back Porch” ❤️❤️

  • Salima Masud
    Salima Masud


  • Cathie Sherritt
    Cathie Sherritt

    watching from Toronto Canada

  • Muriel Toole
    Muriel Toole

    Hello Jeanne, joining in from very snowy and cold Fairbanks,Alaska

    • Shirley Niemiec
      Shirley Niemiec

      My husband always said vanilla died a year ago.

  • Tim 57
    Tim 57

    Always a good show Jeannie😃 Question... What time is it when you read this?😉

  • Aunt Josie
    Aunt Josie

    Jeanne Marie, I've been up since yesturday worked all night and you got me up laughing at a crocheted possum instead of sleeping

  • C B
    C B

    Why do u delete me?

    • Brenda Watkins
      Brenda Watkins

      CB?🚕?THAT'S TO U,??

    • Brenda Watkins
      Brenda Watkins


    • Nunofurdambiznez

      most likely cuz you're some kind of a weirdo, would be my guess

  • A VDV
    A VDV

    Fantastic gift bag😊

  • Not Specified
    Not Specified

    Hi Jeanne joining you from spain. Thank you for bringing fun and sunshine to our lives.

  • Payton Pryor
    Payton Pryor

    Jeanne you are twirling your baton so fast I can't even see it! Does anyone else see the baton?

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