Live From The Back Porch with Jeanne Robertson
Join Jeanne Robertson on her Back Porch as she tells funny stories and tales from the road.

  • Spartakiss

    51:00 Whats wrong with wearing the same pair of shoes? I legit only have 2 pairs. One for work one for everything else

  • Aunt Josie
    Aunt Josie

    I just love Norma Rose and her fashion sense! I'm needing to get attire to a wedding for my step son and im not good at that kind of stuff but Norma Rose makes it look effortless. Love You, Jeanne!


    Friday...just got back from the hospital. Sure missed you! God bless

  • LeeAnna Fitzgerel
    LeeAnna Fitzgerel

    I love the song. My name is really Anna! I have a great grandchild I have never seen. My husband is a very dedicated minister, so my identity has been as his wife, my son's mother, before that, one of my grandpa's "girls%. I love hearing my name.

  • Jane Greason
    Jane Greason

    May G-d swiftly heal LB. Amen.

  • Todd Taylor
    Todd Taylor

    I am a proud graduate of Elon and love that you are associated with my school. Proud and loved my time at Elon. Todd Taylor, Richmond, VA. You are a true treasure.

  • Kathy Eggleston
    Kathy Eggleston

    I am watching on Monday evening. I have had other youtubers mention this, so I am just giving you info. During the first 16 minutes of the video, it was interrupted at least 4 times with commercials! It was about every 4 minutes or so, but then it just stopped! I loved Patrick’s song, but I just turned 70 and that hit a little close to home!!! I am sure Jeanne is doing a great job at her first shows since COVID-19... you be safe, it is not over. In fact we are having a really hard time with it here right now! 🎃🎃🎃

  • Lee Dame
    Lee Dame

    Really enjoy your “ Live from the Back Porch”. I am an RN on a memory care unit at a nursing home in Louisville, Ky. We would love to have a recording of Patrick’s song when it is available. Helps to remind us why we do what we do. Wish I could have seen your show at Brown last year but work called. Glad you enjoyed Louisville.

  • Judy McFarland
    Judy McFarland

    Love the don't send a man to the store the best

  • Tanya Favazza
    Tanya Favazza

    Hey Ms Jeanne , Love Saturdays on the back porch, but missed this 1 and catching up today(Sunday) , lots of ads , hope that means your getting residuals ?? 😜

  • K Lewis
    K Lewis

    Your story about the bodysuit is one of my favorites! How did you recover on stage when the elephant straps broke loose?!

  • K Lewis
    K Lewis

    We've seen that Beaver is funny. Did your grandsons inherit that as well?

  • K Lewis
    K Lewis

    My family and I always love to watch and laugh with you! Here's my question... Did LB end up going with you to the Garth Brooks concert or did he decide that going to Arizona once was good enough? Haha!

  • Fran Apple
    Fran Apple

    We went by Newberry yesterday and at first I thought it was Mayberry.

  • Fran Apple
    Fran Apple

    Love that song and I did tear up.

  • Wesley Place
    Wesley Place

    Miss Jeanne, you are one of two of the funniest people I have ever known. My dear friend Jean Lendway is such a memorable character from my childhood. You are both hysterically funny without being vulgar. May God richly bless you as you have blessed all of us with your humor over the years.

  • Neva Goeres
    Neva Goeres

    Such a beautiful song!!!

  • Millboro Quilter South Dakota
    Millboro Quilter South Dakota

    Enjoy you every morning and evening! It helps with my left brain! I’m from “South” Dakota! Yes there is a “North Dakota”, we’re the one with Mount Rushmore, and we’re the ones on the south side of North Dakota! I say we do not have an accent when we speak! Ha ha! But have been told that we have one indead. We have family from Tennessee and Mississippi and are always amazed when ever they say something! It’s like the circus came to town or the rodeo cowboys are back behind the shoots talking! It’s quite entertaining I must say! Our daughters were both crowned in several areas including 4-H ambassadors, Rodeo Queens and Snow Queen contests! I must say even if they never win a crown it is an amazing experience for any young lady and her family! I must tell you I am so very proud of you! You are stellar! Love ya girl!

  • Jill Rutherford
    Jill Rutherford

    After Hurricane Rita we camped out at home for 3 weeks before we got electricity. We had our lawn chairs outside. Fast forward a year and I got my chair out for a baseball game and on the chair I found my missing magnetic bracelet I misplaced. Strong magnets there! I was happy & surprised.😃

  • Jill Rutherford
    Jill Rutherford

    Can you show us you and LB's wedding pic?

  • Anna Hutchinson
    Anna Hutchinson

    Charles Barkley played for the 76ers he is funny I hope you meet him in person.

  • Joyce B
    Joyce B

    Jeanne needs to teach Norma Rose where to hold her mike so we can hear her!

  • Robin King
    Robin King

    Re: today's stance, they also turn their shoulders forward, tilt their heads and wear a fake smile. I think it's so pretensious (sp?).

  • Robin King
    Robin King

    Love that song, too. May I have permission to learn it and sing it publicly? I'll give, is it Patrick?, credit. My kids will be moving out in a year. My husband died 11 years ago. I just turned 64. Have been thinking about the next phase of my life. Sometimes I'm excited about it. Sometimes it scares me.

  • Loreen Berlin
    Loreen Berlin

    Love your sense of humor - loved - "if we seem a little scattered at times, that's because we are..." LOL Loreen Berlin

  • Pamela Brown
    Pamela Brown

    Saying "Hello" to the Back Porch friends, from Texas. Thank you, to Patrick for the song and all that 'behind the scenes' that you do. Thank you, to Toni for taking care of the 'organized scatter'. Thank you, to Norma Rose for being the 'bestest' friend ever. Thank you, Jeanne for sharing your smile, your stories, and helping us laugh again. May God bless you, and safety in your travels.

  • zachary romeo
    zachary romeo

    I'll miss these alot when they eventually end !

  • joshua caudill
    joshua caudill

    My sweet wife and I went to see you in Baton Rouge when you were dealing with a broken leg. She, a beautiful, young, godly woman 34 years of age died from cancer May 13th. I miss her constantly as do the children of course but thanks be to God for the blessed hope of a glorious reunion in the land that is fairer than day. Love you in Christ...all of you.

    • Tanya Favazza
      Tanya Favazza

      Prayers . May God sustain you and your family 🙏😢💞

  • Vikki Byington
    Vikki Byington

    What touching song!!

  • jetta bartholomew
    jetta bartholomew

    Patrick... your song is wonderful 🧡 I used to put pennies on the railroad tracks 🧡🧡🧡

  • Tena Wolfe
    Tena Wolfe

    How much did the girls win at Vegas??

  • jetta bartholomew
    jetta bartholomew

    I love your new shoes 💛💚🧡

  • Gotta Be Handmade
    Gotta Be Handmade

    wonderful #JeanneRobertson have a blessed week filled with lots of smiles :D John 3:17

  • jetta bartholomew
    jetta bartholomew

    It looks red on the camera facing "front" it looks orange on the second camera

  • Anna Lee Smith
    Anna Lee Smith

    Song is just wonderful, Patrick. Thanks.

  • Priscilla Wright
    Priscilla Wright

    What a good time you appear to have on your back porch and I enjoy it right along with you! You really could do a sitcom with Norma Rose, Toni, Patrick and your other guests. Has Norma Rose ever considered doing a ALgone sight of her own? With her southern flair I bet she’d be a big success. I’m sure she has a lot to share about fashion, cooking, exercise to maintain good health, homemaking and much more! You certainly surround yourself with people that are like able and we all would love as friends.

  • Pam Priddy
    Pam Priddy

    How fun it would be if Charles Barkley could and would come join you on your back porch sometime! Maybe someone can make it happen.

  • Marilyn Bunte
    Marilyn Bunte

    Great idea listing the winners names.

  • Kentuckygirl

    That goes through Kentucky

  • Kentuckygirl

    That's a big Hack if anyone friend's them...

  • Shell - West Australia
    Shell - West Australia

    Hugs and prayers to the crew xx

  • Marilyn Bunte
    Marilyn Bunte

    Hi Jeanne! What a another fun Front Porch day.

  • Ginny S.
    Ginny S.

    Jeanne I can bearly hear you some of the time. I still love watching you all. 💗 Thanks. Patrick she needs a new mic ☺

  • Cecile Levesque
    Cecile Levesque

    Hello From Canada Jeanne .❤️

  • C B
    C B


  • boberae

    Love this lady!!!!

  • Mary Lott
    Mary Lott

    Hello Saturday Porch Friends! Always good to see y'all. Patrick that was a wonderful song and how true to life it is to our elderly. I'm like Jeanne, it almost made me cry. Praying for LB.

  • Sara Anderson
    Sara Anderson

    Prayers for Left Brain 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Robyn Gifford
    Robyn Gifford

    I have a busy household that can be stressful, and whenever I hear your show, I can step outside for a moment, and return refreshed. Bless you and yours.

  • Ellen Fiore
    Ellen Fiore

    Jeanne Norma Rose i adore you both so much Norma Rose i was so touched that you took the time to respond to my emaik. Thank Toni for forwarding it to you With much love Ellen😘

  • Wanda Renee Trulove
    Wanda Renee Trulove

    Ohh, I missed the live show. 😭👒🌹 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷💖

  • M. C
    M. C

    The yard sale is on Hwy 41

  • marylou rubright
    marylou rubright

    Patrick that bring tears. Mary Lou from pa

  • Loda

    QUESTION: Tell us about the blue teapot on the table. Thanks

  • Kim G
    Kim G

    Hi Jeanne! I really over your sense of humor. Thank you for all you do for all of us lonely ladies. You are great company for me, and you always brighten my days. God Bless you and yours 😊❤😊

  • ShortOrderCook1

    Hi Jeanne, Toni, Patrick and Norma Rose! Great to see you all this show! Its always fun! Love you all.

  • Tim 57
    Tim 57

    Awesome person and personal. What time is it? 😉

  • Linda Williams
    Linda Williams

    Jeanne needs a stronger mic.

    • Vera Young
      Vera Young


    • Tim 57
      Tim 57

      Or an overhead boom mic Also something for the folks in the background.

  • Brenda Watkins
    Brenda Watkins


  • James Beaver
    James Beaver

    Hi friend from N E .OHIO.. Have a blessed day..


    i am so happy to say hi to the greatest speaker in the world i have followed you since 2000 me and my wife laughed for millions of miles on the road sadly she passed in 2008 and you helped me out through that terrible time im so sorry its so long just hoped one day to tell you thank you. your an amazing lady pls keep it up for another 100 years thank you

    • Pam Priddy
      Pam Priddy

      I’m very sorry about the loss of your wife. May wonderful memories help fill some of the empty places in your heart. Prayers for peace and comfort as I’m sure some days are harder than others. ♥️🛐♥️

    • Tim 57
      Tim 57

      @JWW JWW You are welcome🙂

    • JWW JWW
      JWW JWW

      @Tim 57 thank you much appreciated

    • Tim 57
      Tim 57


  • Salima Masud
    Salima Masud


  • Spiritof Seventysix
    Spiritof Seventysix

    🤝's enjoy your gift of humor immensely. Ciao Shalom Aleicham!

    • Robin King
      Robin King

      I know a song by that name. What does Aleicham mean?

  • Diana Cox
    Diana Cox

    Hi to all I look forward to your back porch times and to Patrick singing

    • Sherry Williams
      Sherry Williams

      Hi Jeanne! I have been a fan for many years. I introduced my best friend to you when I bought tickets for us to see you at The Carolina Theater in Durham. She introduced her husband to you, and the rest is history.

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