Live From The Back Porch With Jeanne Robertson....and Mark Lowry
Join Jeanne Robertson live from the back porch with her special guest Mark Lowry.

  • JoJo Trommler THE LADY & THE TRUMP
    JoJo Trommler THE LADY & THE TRUMP

    I love y'all

  • Alisa Ushakova
    Alisa Ushakova

    OMG MY 2 favorites

  • A2J.HolyLoveAffair REYNA
    A2J.HolyLoveAffair REYNA

    Much Gratitude Mary Did You Know.? Jeanne Request~Mark Sang Song

  • Lesley Claster
    Lesley Claster

    Every time I hear that song, I cry like a mother.

  • cjpreach

    Dear Jeanne - My friend needs to play a song or two on your next broadcast. His group is called "BACK PORCH PILGRIMS." Isn't that as great name?

  • Tammy C
    Tammy C

    I must say I’m surprised either if you listen to Kathleen Madigan. I tuned in after watching this video and the first sentence out of her mouth she dropped the F bomb. I wasn’t expecting that. I won’t watch her again.

  • inelda fitte
    inelda fitte

    Love Jeanne and Mark. I follow Mark and now I will follow Jeanne.

  • Donald Schaefer
    Donald Schaefer

    Loved this show -- two of my favorites! So glad Mark Lowry was your guest Jeanne.

  • Leesa Huddle
    Leesa Huddle

    When Mark goes to sing....the humor adds to the show but it's his human ness... The realness... His love for Jesus that makes you want to hear more!

    • Lynda Hollier
      Lynda Hollier


  • Leesa Huddle
    Leesa Huddle

    Mark is so down to earth and fun with a deep love for Jesus. Thanks Jeanne. Both of you at once was a treat, then to top it off you had Patrick sing! That was so nice!

  • Dwayne Clark
    Dwayne Clark

    I am so blessed to hear Mark do it live, impromptu.

  • TootsiesCreationz

    Wow! My two FAVORITE people to watch are on and I missed it!!!!! How does that happen?? I'm so upset that I missed it live!! 😭


    Love 💕 that🙋‍♀️. Jeannie you are such a beautiful person and hilarious 😂

  • ilovesoutherngospel

    Put me

  • Sonia Kellogg
    Sonia Kellogg

    Have enjoyed you for years!! Thank you for singing your song. Merry Christmas!!

  • Christina Widen widen Mitchell
    Christina Widen widen Mitchell

    Good song. I like it.

  • Christina Widen widen Mitchell
    Christina Widen widen Mitchell

    You two are hilarious. Oh I get goose bumps listening to you sing this beautiful song. Praise the Lord .

  • Christina Widen widen Mitchell
    Christina Widen widen Mitchell

    Christina Widen box567. Telkwa,British Columbia. V0J 2X0. Canada

  • patricia dipalma
    patricia dipalma

    mark forgot about his funny story about his femur. he wanted to come back to it. maybe a special video b/c i'm watching this on dec. 19th. thanks. blessings

  • Karen Rao
    Karen Rao

    Greetings and salutations from Sugar Land, TEXAS, where life is SWEET! Karen Lee Rao

  • Dave & Sonya Kramm
    Dave & Sonya Kramm

    hahaha, nice white earrings. :-)

  • Jay Money
    Jay Money

    Gives me chills everytime. Mark is the Best.

  • Dan Crafton
    Dan Crafton

    Didn't get to watch the live ,but I think that was one of the best covers of his Mary did you know, I have ever heard. A friends daughter that grow up calling my wife and I Grandma and Grandpa would come to our house and say grandpa I want to watch the funnyman. That was what she call Mark. And I would put him on and she would set in front of the TV and watch him.

  • kaye king
    kaye king

    Thank you for bringing laughter to my morning! My husband and I are on quarantine and you and Mark have definitely been the bright spot in my morning!!

  • cindycox57

    the part where he interrupts saying Mark’s not wearing earrings 😆

  • K Lewis
    K Lewis

    Thank you SOOOOOO much! We laughed and laughed!!! So much love to all of you!!!!!!!

  • Marion O'Brien
    Marion O'Brien

    Jesus is the reason for the season. Powerful song.. God bless you both, Mark and Jeanne

  • Geri Gedmin
    Geri Gedmin

    I love that song and Mark you really do it the best.

  • Sharon Snowder
    Sharon Snowder

    Mark’s singing gave me goosebumps and tears at the same time!

  • Carole Martin
    Carole Martin

    Wow what a voice his a blessing

  • betty baney
    betty baney

    What a great show with you and mark

  • Marjorie Moore
    Marjorie Moore


  • wanda shumate
    wanda shumate

    I loved the routine with Bill Gaither, Jesus On The Main Line. I laughed until I had tears coming down my cheeks!

  • jean spaulding
    jean spaulding

    Glad you are okay. I watched your old one about 7up pound again. God bless, and Merry Christmas

  • Deana Carmack
    Deana Carmack

    Oh, yes, God does speak speak to us audibly!!! Sometimes, l think when He has to to get our attention😄

    • DeAnne McCarty
      DeAnne McCarty

      @Kay Marlowe My friend used to call me late at night (on ambien)! Once, she told me someone was sitting on the edge of her roof, with their legs hanging off the edge... and they had NO FEET!!🤣😂. I hope your hair turned out okay!🤪

    • Kay Marlowe
      Kay Marlowe

      I cut my hair when I was on that sleeping pill.

    • Kay Marlowe
      Kay Marlowe

      Mark...was it ambeium( spelling)

  • Pam MaHu
    Pam MaHu

    I hope Mark looks up Jeanne's comedy - she is absolutely hilarious.

  • Norma Martinez
    Norma Martinez

    Wonderful episode. Two of my favorite “celebrities” together. Love your humor, both of you. Love Mark’s singing as well as his performances with the Gaithers. Amazingly, ten curmudgeons gave this a thumbs down. Whaaaat?

  • Malinda Madden
    Malinda Madden

    Mark, glad you didn't wear your C-PAP hair. lol

  • Rose

    Thank-you, Jeanne, for having Mark on. That song, every time mark sings it, still gives me the good shivers/goose-bumps! And thank-you, Mark, for giving us the songs God gives to you.

  • denise

    Mark what a blessing you are to all of us, that God himself has used you though the years in music and ministry.

    • Peg Lucas
      Peg Lucas

      Has God told you he was ready for you to quit?

  • donna evans
    donna evans

    Oh my! Thank you, one and all. Blessed to ‘meet’ the lyricist of ‘Mary Did You Know?’ Discovered Jeanne on ALgone 4 years ago. Always a pleasure!

  • Donna Lovejoy
    Donna Lovejoy

    I Love You Both ❤️ You both make me Laugh ❤️ You both make me Smile 🥰 You both make my Heart Happy 💞 Thank You From the Bottom of My Heart ❤️ I am HaHa The Clown here in Myrtle Beach SC - I get paid to make people Smile so I say Get Smiling so I can get PAID 🤣

    • joyce burns
      joyce burns

      One of my favorite Christmas songs, I loved it Mark!! I’ll listen to it now with a greater appreciation for it’s meaning.

  • Dianne Roberts
    Dianne Roberts

    Awesome to ask Mark to sing. No one sings it like Mark. God Bless you Mark. You bring so much to everyone.

  • Breaking Boardrooms
    Breaking Boardrooms


  • Who do you say I AM
    Who do you say I AM

    That’s just awesome singing “Mary did you know?” mr Mark!

  • Linda Hudson
    Linda Hudson

    I was brought up Baptist and we laughed, but I don't remember laughing in the sanctuary.

  • Michael Semper
    Michael Semper

    so grateful I rediscovered Mark this year, and now Jeanne. I bought Michael English's debut in 1991 (my first Christian recording)

  • Donna Tarawneh
    Donna Tarawneh

    Oh my Gosh! I did see the self there! I don't have a very clear picture from my phone and thought I was wrong about it until you picked it up. I also wasn't. watching the show when it was live.

  • Donna Tarawneh
    Donna Tarawneh

    Loved both songs! This is my favorite back porch show yet!

  • Michelle Baker
    Michelle Baker

    My favorite versions: Mark himself and with Voctave ❤️❤️❤️ Absolutely beautiful 🤩

  • Bethany Fields
    Bethany Fields


  • Mary Ann Berry
    Mary Ann Berry

    Wonderful guest so far, IMHO 😘

  • Vance and Bonnie Neuberger
    Vance and Bonnie Neuberger

    I hate hymns projected on screens! Want the hymnals!

  • Sharon Nitschneider
    Sharon Nitschneider

    I loved hearing you sing your beautiful, inspiring words.

  • Marcy McIntyre
    Marcy McIntyre

    That was a great show⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Donna Pilant
    Donna Pilant

    I could listen to Mark all day and Mark you are not ugly.

  • Donna Pilant
    Donna Pilant

    I listened to the disco version. I didn't like it.

  • Zachary Rome
    Zachary Rome

    Bring back sexy Joy !!

  • linda denzler
    linda denzler

    Excellent program Jeanne. Love the song Patrick sings and it was nice to hear Mark answering questions instead I’d asking which he does on his programs. Thanks for your faithfulness Jeanne in doing these shows every week. They are a huge blessing.

  • susan hust
    susan hust

    Elf on the shelf is on the right just before the 2 trees in some greenery laying face down

  • C B
    C B


  • Mary Jarrell
    Mary Jarrell

    I had chills the whole time Mark sang MARY DID YOU KNOW!!!! BEST VERSION!!!!!

  • Ginny S.
    Ginny S.

    I think Mark's song Mary did you know my very favorite song & I love the acapella groups that sing it. Beautiful & thank you.

  • Devin Fane
    Devin Fane

    Two people that I love in the same video?! Just two wonderful people ❤️☺️

  • Carolyn Spohrer
    Carolyn Spohrer

    I think you should ask Kathleen Madigan to be on your show

  • Sandy Bayes
    Sandy Bayes

    Great job Mark 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • mary garrett
    mary garrett

    Toni. There seems to be something on the tree right behind Jeanne. Elf ???

  • Gloria Paddock
    Gloria Paddock

    Sorry I missed this Live.... I was helping Santa❤️💕❤️

  • Janice McKittrick
    Janice McKittrick

    Thank you!!! So happy you two connected! It was fabulous!

  • Carol Newlun
    Carol Newlun

    O my goodness. WOW. You 2 together is the best thing ever. Thank You Jeanne, and Mark. I am in heaven. BLESSINGS 😇😇

  • kathy mason
    kathy mason

    Patrick, "ya done good" in your song!

  • Diane Burnett
    Diane Burnett

    Beautiful, Mark!❤

  • Diane Burnett
    Diane Burnett

    Beautiful, Mark!❤

  • Sally Bartholomew
    Sally Bartholomew

    You sang it from your heart and it will help your leg heal.

  • kathy mason
    kathy mason

    Yes, he is the best singer of Mary Did You Know!!

    • Sandy Graetz
      Sandy Graetz

      He wrote it!

  • Kathy Barrow
    Kathy Barrow

    Today's show was a perfect Christmas gift!! Thank you, Jeanne and Mark!

  • kathy mason
    kathy mason

    Hi, from the Lurker in Southern California!!

  • Ruby Payton
    Ruby Payton

    Oh my goodness...two hoots!! Loved the show. God bless you.

  • Nunofurdambiznez

    Thumbs down.. no Norma Rose...

  • Salima Masud
    Salima Masud


  • Stephanie Mcclintock
    Stephanie Mcclintock


  • Ellen Fiore
    Ellen Fiore


    • Ellen Fiore
      Ellen Fiore

      @Arlys Veen ty 💓

    • Arlys Veen
      Arlys Veen

      No one found it today!

  • Renisa Clark
    Renisa Clark

    Howdy Jeanne and Mark L.

  • Donna Pilant
    Donna Pilant

    Where does Left Brain hang out while you broadcast???

  • Joanne Kuhn
    Joanne Kuhn

    Hello from Lake greenwood, SC

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