Live From the Back Porch With Jeanne Robertson
Join Jeanne Robertson and special guest Liz Curtis Higgs as they share stories and laughs. Go to to register to win tickets for her Tallahassee show on March 6th. Please only sign up if you are able to attend

  • Tanya Favazza
    Tanya Favazza

    Thank you soooo much for the introduction to Liz👍 Will definitely check out her books 💞

  • mymansionabove C Miller
    mymansionabove C Miller

    Two of the fnniest Christian women alive, but.......... this was sooooo boringly disappointing.

    • mymansionabove C Miller
      mymansionabove C Miller


  • Rob Moore
    Rob Moore

    Wasn't feeling well this weekend so didn't watch till today. Love you so much Jeanne

  • Dale Sample
    Dale Sample

    I enjoyed Liz so much. One of your best guests ever!

  • Kerry Louise
    Kerry Louise

    I just found you and have subscribed.

  • Rebecca Blevins
    Rebecca Blevins

    Love your talks on the porch. Liz is a hoot. Patrick's song was terrific. (I am a Southern Baptist. ) I love all of his songs. Does he play a keyboard? His guitar sometimes distracts from the touching words of the songs. He is such a talented song writer. Jeanne, keep us laughing.

  • Sandy Graetz
    Sandy Graetz

    Liz you are so brave... I’ll never forget the day my sister started loosing her hair after cancer diagnosis and surgery... she was so stoic....but she cried and to think that you had to speak after that is really amazing! Props to you and God blessings for continuing NED status! My sister is still NED for over 28 Yrs!

  • K Butler
    K Butler

    I love that Sofa! LCH talked about Scotland, I am gonna go! I did not realize that LCH wore a wig, it looks so real, it’s beautiful. Silence of The Wigs. Appreciate LCH’s honesty, that is being “real” not coming from ego.

  • kathy mason
    kathy mason

    You, Liz, should have your pictures on your wig heads!!! That would be a great pic of startement when someone breaks in.

  • 1L1oness

    Love the sofa !

  • kathy mason
    kathy mason

    Hey Therer from your favorite Lurker from Southern California!! Watching via #replay

  • Heidi Richardson
    Heidi Richardson

    I used to have a reel to reel tape recorder as a young adult. I love watching you, and your stories!

  • Tie Oei
    Tie Oei

    Keep doing what you are doing. Laughter is the best medicine 💉. How is LB? The last time I heard you mention him you had said he was sick. Praying for him and you.

  • Spiritof Seventysix
    Spiritof Seventysix

    Love having coffee on Saturday morning's listening to "Live from Back Porch with Jeanne Robertson", and Jeanne just stays in my thoughts for the week to come and I just laugh when things get chaotic 🙄😏and then everything thing just seems to work out for the best😊👌👍🙏's✌👋👋😇 Shalom Aleicham! Shabbat Shalom From Slim Red Tex

  • Laura Simpson
    Laura Simpson

    LCH is one of my all-time favs! 🤗❤️

  • Kelli Smith
    Kelli Smith

    You have the warmest and welcoming smile. Thank you for brightening my day

  • Joyce McBride
    Joyce McBride

    Spring Texas is a fun place!

  • Suzan McCloskey
    Suzan McCloskey


  • Kathleen Bettilyon
    Kathleen Bettilyon

    Love the Sofa, but I really loved the White Chairs! Where are they?

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