Live From The Back Porch With Jeanne Robertson (Nashville edition)
Join Jeanne on the back porch of "thu Nashville People" as she prepares to perform on the Grand Ole Opry" on Saturday January 2 at 7:15 CST . LIsten live at

  • Paula Choate
    Paula Choate

    You give folks many laughs that is needed this day and time

  • Paula Choate
    Paula Choate

    You have a wonderful outlook on life

  • delores smith
    delores smith

    My faverite bean

  • delores smith
    delores smith

    I. Am an artist and I would love to do your portrait ,may I have your permission

  • M. C.
    M. C.

    I always enjoy watching you, Jeanne. I know you've mentioned that Left Brain is sick. I hate to ask what is wrong, but by now he is part of our lives as you are too. 🙏

  • Brenda Treants
    Brenda Treants

    Today here in Sophia, NC is one week later than this program was recorded, today is January 9, 2021. You are still sending out shows to help us get through this crazy time here in this wonderful country we live in. Thank you, dear special lady. Keep on -keeping on, please. Thank you, Brenda

    • Jeanne Robertson
      Jeanne Robertson

      Thanks for being a fan!! I just wanna appreciate you in particular for being a fan and you should keep supporting me it brings me so much joy that I'm able to put smiles on your faces and hearts.

  • Bill Wagner
    Bill Wagner

    black eyed

  • Bill Wagner
    Bill Wagner

    ok, the other truth: Yay for beards!

  • Stormy Wood
    Stormy Wood

    Taste like dirt, however you say it. Black Eyed Peas

  • Lee Emory
    Lee Emory

    love Jeanne

  • Nancy Lowe
    Nancy Lowe

    I am so excited, I just got my CD, Don't Bungee Jump Naked, in the mail today. I just ordered it Saturday. That was super fast. Can't wait to listen to you read it. Thank you! I love watching the back porch shows, also all the ALgone shows. I just found your shows on ALgone this year, the humor keeps us from getting depressed from being home all the time.

  • Joyce Obeys
    Joyce Obeys

    When the Messiah said that they erred in the scriptures, which scriptures was He speaking of if the NT wasn’t around for them to have known? Because I now believe in keeping the Torah, Believers should wear beards. Grow it back! Truly The new year is in spring. His moeds of Leviticus 23 are according to the crescent moon, and planets. Gen 1:14 Leviticus 23 depicts His plan of salvation n marriage covenant to His bride. Trust YHWH through Messiah/ Angel of the Lord(King YHWH)/ YaHuSHa NOT masks. No vaccines! ...They are sorcery! In Revelation 9 and 18 says sorcery is what deceived the nations, which is pharmaceuticals. And Sorcerers will NOT inherit the kingdom of heaven. Sin is transgressing His laws. Moses was given all of His laws, not just 2 or 10. The NT is from the OT. He has always hated sacrifice but it’s required because of sin. In Zachariah 14 in the 1000 year reign there will be His moeds of Leviticus 23 and sacrifice. Acts 20 they are doing His moeds and the countdown of the 7 sabbaths from unleavened bread to Pentecost. In Acts 21 Pail and 4 men are taking a nazarite vow. The vow closes with offerings of animal sacrifice but we have been brainwashed into thinking it’s money in the plate. I love funny but this is serious and needs to be shared. Thanks fir your funny! My husband and I both have watched many of your videos and crack up. I’m also in TN but from Mich. Much Ahabah!

  • Susan Kuhlemeyer
    Susan Kuhlemeyer

    I’m 73 years old my hair everyone says looks like it’s wish I could be so at ease with people it’s like ur a family. Like to see what left brain looks like

    • Jeanne Robertson
      Jeanne Robertson

      Thank you so much for your love and support!🤗❤️

  • Marie Harrelson
    Marie Harrelson

    From Columbia, SC I love black eyed peas fresh from garden. Lizards thicket is great. I love black eyed peas but never for breakfast.

  • Kathy Whitten
    Kathy Whitten

    I love finding JOY in life. Jeanne encourages this!

    • Jeanne Robertson
      Jeanne Robertson

      Thanks for your love and support, I see your comments and I appreciate you.❤️❤️

  • Kathy Russell
    Kathy Russell

    Do you all know if we have to close the video before you show it completes? If so, when we come back to finish watching the complete show, do you count that as 2 watches or one time watching the entire video? Also, thank you so much for giving us Al’s rendition of “Just another bowl of butter beans.”? Brought back memories of our dear friend Joe Shinn, singing that song...first time I ever heard it and it always brings a smile when we hear it now.

  • Rhonda Blyth
    Rhonda Blyth

    I love the “white water” rafting story and the getting frisky in the tent. I recommend you keep on keeping on with your great stories always make me laugh back here in Australia

  • Mary Cook
    Mary Cook

    🏰 l have never tried black eyed peas before. But I remember feeling sick when I was forced to eat lima beans. You just started debating how to spell and whew, I got it right !! I wasn’t going to change it even if I was wrong ! Jeanne you look fabulous ! Blessings from California. 🚀

  • Melannie Gregersen
    Melannie Gregersen

    What did Left Brain think about dating Miss North Carolina?

  • Melannie Gregersen
    Melannie Gregersen

    Did Left Brain end up going with you to see Garth Brooks? Or did he think going to AZ once was enough? 🤣

  • Melannie Gregersen
    Melannie Gregersen

    I always love your show! Thanks for helping us laugh. Will we ever get to hear the whole story of when you and Norma Rose were on the plane and she passed out? You've mentioned it a couple of times and we'd love to hear the whole story!

  • Patti Higgens
    Patti Higgens

    FANTASTIC SHOW - but I wish you would have had the Closed Caption ability turned on - had a hard time with several people I was sharing this with - they LOVE you Jeanne and enjoy seeing you and "hearing" your great commentary - PLEASE try to remember to have that available all the time - THANKS in advance and LOVE from COLD Ohio !!

    • Jeanne Robertson
      Jeanne Robertson

      Thanks for your love and support, I see your comments and I appreciate you.❤️❤️

  • christo sea-dar-
    christo sea-dar-

    lol at 1 min.20. Happy New Yr. ohh 2021. cheerful year to You All!

  • Rebecca of pollywogflatts
    Rebecca of pollywogflatts

    Hello Jeanne. You carry yourself so gracefully on stage. I would like to carry myself like that. What are your suggestions for someone to learn to be elegant like you.? Enjoying your sessions.

  • themudhutt1

    I have to wish you a Happy New Year , I live in Winchester England, you have made me laugh so much usually at night . What a find you are .

    • Tanya Favazza
      Tanya Favazza

      @themudhutt1 Wintonian 👌🏻😍

    • themudhutt1

      @Tanya Favazza Ha ! Snap . I also was born in Winchester. Different to you though I grew up in the top of Scotland, Thurso. Then from 10 in Yorkshire. Married and moved to Portsmouth, my children were born there as was my husband . 17 years ago we moved back to Winchester and came home . So it’s top middle and bottom for me . 😃. Glad to speak to another Wintonian !! 🎉🎊

    • Tanya Favazza
      Tanya Favazza

      Agree she is a treasure. Also was so excited to read that you live in Winchester England 😃 I was born and raised in Winchester Virginia 😉 believe it to be a “sister city” 😍

  • danceswithcarsdc

    I think the camera was tilted, the painting/artwork was fine... Where's the Elf in NashVille? How do you submit questions? (Hope FB isn't required as I'm not one of those)

  • Viajan

    It sure has been a long Christmas break Jeanne but you've help make it bearable. Happy New Year and let's remember to celebrate Hogmanay next year together. From Montreal, Canada I wish y'all (y'all is totally not a Canadian work BTW) Bonne Annee! Till we meet again next week. Janice

  • Carey A
    Carey A

    Love the left brain hat in the background!!! 😆❤️

  • Kathy Eggleston
    Kathy Eggleston

    I agree with you ... I would love to have dinner with the two of you! Even though I am a real talker, I wouldn’t have to say a word! Be safe out there!

    • Jeanne Robertson
      Jeanne Robertson

      Thanks for being a fan!! I just wanna appreciate you in particular for being a fan and you should keep supporting me it brings me so much joy that I'm able to put smiles on your faces and hearts.

  • linda denzler
    linda denzler

    This was do funny! Love you Jeanne🌺💕

    • Jeanne Robertson
      Jeanne Robertson

      Thanks for your love and support. ❤️

  • Nancy

    I’ve been to Lizard’s Thicket in Columbia! I’m from FL

  • Jean Brock
    Jean Brock

    Just a closer walk with thee

  • Sandy Graetz
    Sandy Graetz

    Beard Is gone! My goal s to read the bible through in chronological order this year! My Aunty just told me last night that her mom made her eat at least one! She is 3 years older than you and grew up in Louisiana but lives in Houston now. I live in Australia now and I can’t get any black eyed peas here... so I usually get the navy beans and cook them in chorizo(as we cook black eyed peas with zummo sauages in Texas growing up) I cook cabbage usually for green back and pork for the luck And navy beans instead of black eyed peas for pennies and cornbread for gold! My mom and dad use to say that New Years day was the only day we were eating the same thing that was being served in the White House to the President! But living in Australia wrecks that theory! As I’m a day ahead and can’t get all the stuff we eat in Texas! I’m hoping to get your book read by you as it is the best way to share a book with my hubby the car going to medical appointments in the bigger town to the east of us here! just A Closer Walk With Thee is the tune! I don’t like butter beans... but love purple hull peas! Do you like purple hull peas... with crunchy cornbread? What is your favourite food?

  • GeeCee Diam
    GeeCee Diam

    We just listened to you on the Grand Ole Opry - you were super, of course!

  • Shirley Niemiec
    Shirley Niemiec

    Some of lb has rubbed off on youl My husband hung picture s like lb.

  • Arbonne-TeachTrainTether LAUNCH!
    Arbonne-TeachTrainTether LAUNCH!

    I too hate Black Eyed peas!!! I’m not from the south & never ate them. Hubby is a southern boy and tried to get me to eat them... NEVER I hate even the smell of them cooking!

  • Stacy Eisner
    Stacy Eisner

    lol. the hand, likeThing --Adam's Family or Munsters--that just appears

  • kathy mason
    kathy mason

    Hey Jeanne, your favorite Lurker from Southern California

  • Gotta Be Handmade
    Gotta Be Handmade

    looks great Patrick^^

  • Judith Dembowski
    Judith Dembowski

    "I don't want no black eye peas"

    • Judith Dembowski
      Judith Dembowski

      From the song!

  • Judith Dembowski
    Judith Dembowski

    Do you make and eat banana and peanut butter sandwiches? 😋

  • Judith Dembowski
    Judith Dembowski

    I adore you! All my Friends are watching you now. We've all seen your stage You Tubes. You are the best followed close by Mark Lowry. God bless you. Judith Bingham Dembowski

    • Jeanne Robertson
      Jeanne Robertson

      Thanks for your love and support. ❤️

  • Bobby Babinski
    Bobby Babinski

    do you wear a mask at the oprea grand as it is. you should look to the past about the times when you were free and see how funny it was.

  • Carol Newlun
    Carol Newlun

    Thank You for this. So Awesome. The pictures are straight now. So funny. Loved the video. Happy New Year BLESSINGS to You and your family Jeanne. My favorite story will ALWAYS be when hubby went to the store and brought home all of the ingredients for the cake😇💕

  • Maureen Andrews
    Maureen Andrews

    No beard

  • Deborah Smith
    Deborah Smith

    I have been sick and am behind. Please tell me what happened to Left Brain. We love him so much.

    • LeeAnna Fitzgerel
      LeeAnna Fitzgerel

      Jeanne hasn't said what is going on with Left Brain, just that he is sick.

  • Salima Masud
    Salima Masud


  • Renee Kirk
    Renee Kirk

    Handsome jaw Patrick!

  • AverageCountryGirl Nikki
    AverageCountryGirl Nikki

    Please be careful in TN... it's one of the worst right now for the big C... :/

    • Jean Bean
      Jean Bean

      We're okay here in TN.

    • Arbonne-TeachTrainTether LAUNCH!
      Arbonne-TeachTrainTether LAUNCH!

      Not really... there are more dangerous states. We are doing ok in TN.

  • Brenda Watkins
    Brenda Watkins


  • Brenda Barnor
    Brenda Barnor

    Oh my goodness...the pictures?! LB has certainly rubbed off on you Jeanne. Lol.

    • Jeanne Robertson
      Jeanne Robertson

      Thank you so much for your love and support!🤗❤️

  • sebeckley

    Some people have a theme for the year instead of resolutions. This means that you can adapt to circumstances and still make progress. For example your theme could be kindness so you could volunteer and meditate as two ways to be kind.

  • Garyesue Hooper
    Garyesue Hooper

    If you put a nail near each top corner of a picture it will hang straight . Garyesue from Lancaster, Texas

  • Laura Smith
    Laura Smith

    Is there a link for us to see or hear Jeanne's performance at the Grand Ole Opry?

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