Live From the Back Porch With Jeanne Robertson (with special guest Jeannie Seely)
Join Jeanne Robertson and special guest, Grand Ole Opry star Jeannie Seely as they share stories from the road and beyond

  • Marian Euscher
    Marian Euscher

    The audio throughout the show was terrible. Jeannie Seely, you couldn't hear at all at the beginning of the show, Janne Robertson's mike was off and on throughout the show.

  • Donald Ewert
    Donald Ewert

    Love the song, "If you could call it that", and the great CD it's on!.

  • Dwight Hill
    Dwight Hill

    Have been watching since this back porch started, love back porch. Thanks, keep going.

  • Joanne McMurray
    Joanne McMurray

    Can’t hear Jeanne

  • Mary Lott
    Mary Lott

    What a fantastic show. Have always been a Jeannie Seely fan. Thank you Jeanne for having her on the show today.

  • Barbara Wilson
    Barbara Wilson

    Listened very late. Wonderful show. Have met so many wonderful new people on your back porch. 💜 Patrick, always love your songs!!

  • Yvonne Sweet
    Yvonne Sweet

    OMG!! I love the two Jeanne's on this show..I Been singing Jeannie Seely's music for years..I love her..her signature song "Don't Touch Me"..been singing it for years...I met her when my son's group "Little Big Town" was inducted into the Grand Ole you girls

    • Heather Lee
      Heather Lee

      Would Philip consider being on the back porch? 😊❤

  • Maureen Bagnall
    Maureen Bagnall

    Hi from Australia

  • Susan Mulvey
    Susan Mulvey

    Kind of rude not to introduce the guest first!! I love you Jeanne, but I’m surprised your southern manners didn’t kick in earlier! Remarkable guest!

    • K Butler
      K Butler

      Its called being human.

  • Christine Miller
    Christine Miller

    Jeanne, Miss Congeniality fits you perfectly because you have the most wonderful friends! Some have been known to me---Chonda Pierce, Mark Lowery, and Liz Curtis Higgs. I completely enjoyed "meeting" some new folks on your back porch---can't wait to look up Jeannie Seely on ALgone and hope to see her perform. Thank you for brightening my days with laughter both before and after Covid. You are beautiful inside and out---such a classy lady with a kind heart and wonderful Southern hospitality. Thank you for welcoming us to your back porch!

  • Barbara Sterling
    Barbara Sterling

    Hearing the guest is pretty important.

  • K Butler
    K Butler

    I always always adored Jeannie Seely! Best Singer ever!.

  • Donna Davis
    Donna Davis

    Comments are on the screen.

  • Nora Wall
    Nora Wall

    Patrick you just failed audio this week !!!

  • Flicka Mom
    Flicka Mom

    Sound problems? Cant hear Jeannie.

  • Linda Scearce
    Linda Scearce

    Love you Jeannie. You are so funny. Love Jeannie Sealy. Singing. Can’t hear her. From Archdale NC

  • Sonya Sutton
    Sonya Sutton

    Please have her back.

  • Darlene McIntyre
    Darlene McIntyre

    My son sang "Short People" in a talent contest and won! lol!

  • Amelia-Irene Lehl
    Amelia-Irene Lehl

    Sorry I missed the live show.

  • A VDV
    A VDV

    Last year? or last week? celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the back porch.

  • Sonya Sutton
    Sonya Sutton

    Oh my replay but I had no idea. I love Miss Jeannie. She is one of my late father's favorites. What a treat.

  • Essie202


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