Live From The Back Porch With Jeanne Robertson
Join Jeanne while she relaxes with Jane Tucker Savannah style

  • kevin harless
    kevin harless

    i cant reply

  • Mary Jones
    Mary Jones

    Love Jeanne. Mary Jones

  • Fran Apple
    Fran Apple

    Jeanne, you know the nicest people❣️

  • Anita Quinley
    Anita Quinley

    I hope to join your show today

  • Linda P
    Linda P

    When I looked to see if you will be doing a show in Seattle I noticed this "Portland, OR Performing at Newmark Theatre on October 04, 2070 Jeanne Robertson in Portland, OR" its amazing that you're so popular that you're boked out 49 years.:)

  • ba williams
    ba williams

    We’ll be there on Sat. We both look forward to your show. It is a highlight of our week.

  • Lori Mast
    Lori Mast

    I don't usually watch these livestreams since they are an hour long, but 20 minutes was just right! I thought it was funny that you think being "mad at each other" is a funny term. I live in Nebraska, and that's a normal phrase around here. I think angry would be a higher level than just being mad.

  • lucille w
    lucille w

    Jeanne, we can see you and hear you just fine.!

  • Spiritof Seventysix
    Spiritof Seventysix


  • jayne lehmer
    jayne lehmer

    Tell NormaRose hello and that we love her .

  • ShortOrderCook1

    I smiled & laughed all the way through this - you guys are so funny! You'll be a tech star by the 100th show Jeanne - no problems! See you next youtube show!

  • Jen Torres
    Jen Torres

    I had a patient who I introduced your videos. She really needed to laugh. Sh eff had deep belly laugh. Turned out I lost that patient but I'm so glad that, I left her laughing .

  • LeeAnna Fitzgerel
    LeeAnna Fitzgerel

    Jeanne, how do we listen to you read your book? What device does it require? I want to get it for a friend in a nursing home, a retired minister recovering from covid19.

  • Nora Wall
    Nora Wall

    You have made my covid experience

  • A Warnke
    A Warnke

    I don’t often catch you on Thursday. Ask Jane Tucker why she would keep a place in New York with taxes there as high as they are. Spring has sprung. Snow is gone. Rains are green up the lawns.

  • Elizabeth M
    Elizabeth M

    Thank you for putting this on ALgone!! Great!

  • Zachary Rome
    Zachary Rome

    2 lives this weeks , heck yea !!

  • Donna Downs
    Donna Downs

    I hate to hear that Norma Rose isn’t feeling well

  • Stephanie Marley
    Stephanie Marley

    Love your stories!!

  • Stephanie Marley
    Stephanie Marley


    • Mary Lawson
      Mary Lawson

      Hey Jeanne from Cedar Park tTx

  • Jo Harris
    Jo Harris


  • Gotta Be Handmade
    Gotta Be Handmade

    thank you Patrick I always enjoy watching #JeanneRobertson have a blessed day John 3:17

  • Margaret Evans
    Margaret Evans

    Jeanne when will you come to Oklahoma City Oklahoma?

  • Margaret Evans
    Margaret Evans

    I am from El Reno Oklahoma. I really love everthing you do.

  • Mary Vizzini
    Mary Vizzini


  • mark howell
    mark howell

    Looking forward to the live post.

  • Barb Gia
    Barb Gia

    Is there a food that you Jeanne or Jane thinks is nasty and you avoid? I am in Wallaroo, South Australia.

  • Elaine Turcotte
    Elaine Turcotte

    Patrick and Toni you are both awesome. ✨🥂🏆🏆🍾✨

  • Denise Vick
    Denise Vick

    Be there from Colorado on Saturday

  • Elaine Turcotte
    Elaine Turcotte

    I love listening to Henry Cho's comedy!

  • Fye Tarajcak
    Fye Tarajcak

    What story gets the biggest response, either at the beginning of it, or after you have told it? I’m Faye from Youngstown, Ohio.

  • Gloria Paddock
    Gloria Paddock

    Looking forward to Saturday 😊enjoyed meeting Jane Tucker’s daughter the last time you were her in Clearwater, Florida ❤️

  • Suzan Wahlquist
    Suzan Wahlquist

    Love Jane Tucker I will be there Saturday with bells on and whatever else to make it a fun show

    • Suzan Wahlquist
      Suzan Wahlquist

      Get well Norma Rose so we can see you visit again Jane Tucker hello great to here from you today

  • Cathy Coe
    Cathy Coe

    I was thinking I needed to be sure and watch you and Patrick tonight. But you already streamed. I could see you the whole time Jeanne. I love you and Parick. You make a great team. Billings MT here.

  • mark tackett
    mark tackett

    So sorry to hear that Norma Rose is not feeling well, she lights up a room .I said it before but again would love to see her photos as a young lady.I bet she was beautiful

    • Faye Overby
      Faye Overby


    • 28 Barbary Lane
      28 Barbary Lane

      Mark, I bet you’re right

  • Barb Gia
    Barb Gia

    Hi Jeanne and Jane, does Jane have a junk rawer or spot in her house that is unorganised. Mine is the 3rd drawer down in my kitchen. All the stuff I don't know where to put it goes in there. I am in South Australia, I love watching Jeanne.

  • mark tackett
    mark tackett

    I was thinking in my head 79 years when Patrick said it. Oooooooo

  • Tammy Figel
    Tammy Figel

    I have missed all of you!

  • Susan Lister
    Susan Lister

    Love your humor. Susan Lister Anderson SC

  • Phil Harwell
    Phil Harwell

    Cool! Looking forward to Henry Cho!

  • K Butler
    K Butler

    Patrick is handsome!

  • Daniel Kelly
    Daniel Kelly

    Have fun in Savannah with Jane Tucker-Radley !!

  • K Butler
    K Butler

    Looking beautiful!

  • Mittaline MankinScott
    Mittaline MankinScott

    Are you back?

    • Janith Sallee
      Janith Sallee

      Janith Sallee in Tyler, TX

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